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Top 5 Best free Keyboard for Android

Jun 21, 2015

It is necessary these days for the younger generation that they have a smoother and faster control on their mobile phones. It is quicker to type and also faster to operate on them. It is even much better to use these phones than any that have a better keyboard pad. One can be gifted with such a keyboard pad and they will enjoy the benefits for a longer time. Below are some of the uses, hope you like them all.

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Top 5 Best free Keyboard for Android
Top 5 Best free Keyboard for Android

Top 5 Best Free Keyboard for Android

1. SwiftKey

SwiftKey Keyboard

This app does come as a highly rated app on the Google Play Store. It also has legions of faithful fans which will boast of excellent suggestive typing and also high accuracy rates. SwiftKey also has a robust privacy policy that does carefully  differentiate between any data which will help the keyboard learn your efficient typing habits, and also sensitive data like login information and even credit cards. In addition to this it also leaves control of that required data in the hands of the user, which allows one to easily opt-into cloud services and even pull your information when you decide you don’t want it stored there anymore.


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2. Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard

It is actually not the flashiest of the bunch, but if you want top-notch Android integration and also assurance of total privacy, then Google Keyboard it is for you. Depending on  the  device, this may be the stock keyboard already, and also support  a wide range of languages and even almost every Android phone and tablet. If you’re running Android 4.4 or later version, you will also get built-in emoji support that will be good for hundreds of useful symbols and emoticons, and a number of different shortcuts from voice commands to space-aware gesture support.


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3. Slide It


Tough this application may almost feel identical, it is not in real terms of quality.  It has een experimented with look and feel which has made it different and unique. The application is available as both a paid and also with free versions, but there are hardly any noticeable differences between the two. The free application  is made available to you without any time limitations or even other any form of nuisance. Another cool feature with this is that the developers have also included in the app is smart prediction.


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The Touchpal keypad is yet another great set of keyboard when it comes to both utility and functionality. It even has some good looks. Touchpal for Android looks a bit similar to the default keypad except for a few additional buttons that cram the keyboard a bit more by reducing the space bar’s size.One of the best features of this application is the inclusion of the Swipe to type feature also.


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Adaptxt for Android

Adaptxt keypad is by far been  considered the most adaptable and customizable keyboard available for Android. It is also been designed to learn and adapt to the user’s writing style and allows the user to  be more comfortable with writing with minimum keystrokes. Developers have also added the option of even customizing the keyboard down to the smallest of the smallest detail. The colors  here are as similar to the size of the keypad  an can be reduced or increased in order to fit the screen of even the small smartphones.


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