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Top 5 Best News App for android

Jun 26, 2015

Here we have “Top 5 Best News App for android“, you all are going to love this place. It is necessary and required that one is updated with what goes around the world always. It is the rule of the world that a wise man dictates power everywhere and to be the same, you need to be quite updated with what happens. This can happen with the constant notifications you receive from the news app on your phones. Here are some of the best news apps which every smart person must take, hope you like them.

Top 5 Best News App for android
Top 5 Best News App for android

Best Android News App

1. The Hindu

The Hindu News

The application is as smart as the newspaper. You have the freedom to choose and read whichever news you want to. The best part about this app it updates you with the political and nationwide news you want to know. As it is a Tamil Nadu based newspaper, there are higher chances of receiving Chennai based news. However, if you would want to know what goes around in and around places at a quicker rate, Hindu is the app.


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2. Times of India

The Times of India News

For information about everything under the sun, Times of India ranks as the premier most app. It gives you every update of every action that goes around which will include the tiniest movement of any celebrity. It is a hit app and people consider this app in the best awe for the kind of news it produces. Thus, times of India app or TOI as it is called can be considered the best news app for people always on the toes.


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3. Feedly (Free)

feedly news reader

It is known to be a very good Android app considered for news. It has becomes the best choice for people who are news addicts. It has a great response outlet and has many interesting and engaging viewing options.  It can be qualified to appeal to many users on the basis of their mood. They appeal to people who like to read magazine and do not mind long read on lazy Sundays.


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It has a very good design outlay which will give you the feel of having read a newspaper or magazine. There are also engaging reads in the article as such. People have started updating to this app since they have come to know how great it is. There are also options to choose your interest and then get into a generated set of work that is engaging to read.  The best part about this app is that it has technology engrained with literature and thus people love this app.


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It was launched under the aid of Networks in July 2012. Their design is great and they maintain a monochromatic look. The best part is that images are also given attention in this app. Thus, with such a nicely made web app, your reading experience is also set to get very uplifted. They have given enough emphasis on their typography and knowing that they cater to a web audience has ensured that their gutter space remains visually perfect.


[divider style=[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]guys you all enjoyed all the above best android news app, for any query feel free to comment us below. Thus, download these apps if you want to be in safe hands of being aware and intelligent.

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