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Top 5 Best Paid Arcade Games for Android 2016

Dec 14, 2015

Top 5 Best Paid Arcade Games for Android 2016: Are you searching for the best paid arcade games for android 2016 list, if yes then we must say you are on the right place. Here we have some of the best android paid arcade games of 2016, you love it. Here are the Top 5 Best Arcade Game for Android 2016. Download them now and have unlimited fun. Don’t forget to follow us on social sites for more android updates about new games & apps.

Top 5 Best Paid Arcade Games for Android 2016

Grow1. Grow

Are you hungry? How much off appetite do you have? Eat all that is growing in your aquarium, eat as much as you can. Get transformed into a tiny fish today. You do not need to pet it to perfection, you just need to make it eat. Eat and grow in size. 78 stunning levels are at your disposal; play in 7 different exciting environments. Play in different modes which have different difficulty modes like normal and advanced. Explore the 7 different survival modes. Enjoy 3 control options. Unlock several upgrades and slash six types of enemies and be the champion.

Grow Android Arcade Games

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This is the best game available in android. Download it and embark on the thrilling journey. Command and order fire brigades. Use your police forces to rescue people. Save the world from dreadful terrorists. Fight fire and put them off. You are the head of the rescue team. Exciting enough?  Thirteen different types of disasters are available that you need to handle including a plane crash or a meteor shower. Are you ready? 18 different kinds of gadgets that you need to use and save the people. You can use helicopters as well as different vehicles. Amazing graphics download it now.


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Super Hexagon3. Super Hexagon

Download this amazing game by Terry Cavanagh. This is a sizzling minimal action game. This is dangerously addictive game. Get into the adventure today. This is a very difficult game, ready to take up the challenge? Try until you crack it. The app runs very fast, and quickly restarts the game when you lose. The best part is that it does not have any ad. Amazing music. Thousands of people are already addicted by this stunning game. When are you starting? Unlimited challenges. Win levels and improve your skills. Compete with your friends.

Super Hexagon Arcade Game

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Backflip Madness4. Backflip Madness

This sport game is yet another parkour flavoured game. It is a fast paced one. A must have game on your android smartphones. Discover a huge range of amazing stunts and tricks. Ride through different exciting locations. Now experience the famous parkour moves. The stunts and moves have physics in it which makes it quite realistic. Sounds fun right? Complete challenges and remain at the top of the score board. How trained are you? Choose from three difficulty levels. You can review you actions and replay to view them again. Wear amazing ninja outfits and sow how talented you are. Download it now.

Backflip Madness Arcade Game

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[divid[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#000000"]h3>Boson X5. Boson X

Be the best runner ever to walk on earth. Run in a rotational background. Be quick. This masterpiece game will give you butterflies in your bellies, survive n the labyrinth. Take up the challenge now. Jump from one plank to the other and increase your speed as much as you can, the sky is the limit. Create new particles through collisions. Explore the world t=where floors and ceilings do not exist. You need to be very quick. Are you fast enough?  Embark on researches in the subatomic world. Happy playing.

Boson X Arcade Game

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[divider[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#000000"]Thanks for visiting friends, we finally hope you find all the above information very informative related to “Top 5 Best Paid Arcade Games for Android 2016“, if we have missed your best android paid arcade games of 2016 then do let us know via comments below and have a great day ahead.

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