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Top 5 Best Paid Games for Android 2016

Dec 5, 2015

Top 5 Best Paid Games for Android 2016: Are you searching for the best android paid games of 2016, if yes then we welcome you all to Go Android Apps website. Here we have some of the best android paid games of this year, you definitely going to love it. If you have already planned to purchase a new android game from google play store then we highly recommend you to keep reading this article. Here are the top 5 Best Paid Games for Android 2016. Download them now and have fun, enjoy.

Top 5 Best Paid Games for Android 2016

Pudding Monsters Premium1. Pudding Monsters Premium

Save your friends now. They are in danger. Save them from the wrecked stone hearted owner of the big fridge. Become the biggest monsters of all time. Get all the pudding monsters together. Swipe through tables, swipe out of the house altogether. Play around through the entire city. Grow faster using cloning machines. Decorate your little head with fancy looking cars.125 amazing levels. Win them all. Challenge yourself. Stick all the monsters together and make them big. It is a lot fun. Create funny and amusing shapes. Build great personalities with amazing abilities and attributes. Download this now.

Pudding Monsters Premium Game

google play

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Shadow Blade2. Shadow Blade

Become the shadow blade today. Learn from the teachings of the famous ninja master prior to you. Get to play it on your tablet too. Play and win challenging levels. Encounter numerous traps and get saved from those. Fight your dangerous enemies. Ride through over the dead bodies. Be super fast. Stay aware and beware from dangers. Be the best ninja ever. It is based on a fast paced action platform. It has amazing touch controls. The features are amazing. Use amazing weapons. Let your dream come true. Be the ninja. Download this amazing game now.

Shadow Blade Game

google play

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Grand Theft Auto III3. Grand Theft Auto 3

This is undoubtedly the best game android has to offer. This blockbuster game has been hitting the top list like forever. Do you still not have it on your phone? Download it now as soon as possible. Stunning HD graphics and amazing soundtrack. Touch screen resolution and controls are awesome. Play for countless hours. Be the king of all criminals. Steal cars, escape police forces and much more. Complete missions to become the king of the underground world. Live a lavish life. Ride all kinds of vehicles and even canons. Blow away everything that comes in your way. Are you ready? Download it now and get started.

Grand Theft Auto III Game

google play

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Vector Full4. Vector Full

Are you an expert runner? Test your skills today. Download this arcade game today. Run and slide using the best techniques possible. Get inspired by Parkour. Play amazing levels and challenge yourself. Use Parkour’s moves and win big. There are as many as 40 levels for you. Learn and improve your skills. The animation is stunning. Run from all problems and stay alive. Don’t get caught, stay alert and beware. Master your moves and be the champion. A perfect game for all game lovers. Download it now.

Vector Full Game

google play

[divid[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#000000"]h3>X Construction5. X Construction

Become the coolest engineer ever. Get a chance to build bridges. You will be allotted a specific amount of materials which you need to use and build a bridge so that the coming train can pass through safely across it. There are challenging levels. Are you intelligent enough to crack them? The best part is there are no ads to distract you. Play on the free build mode and build fabulous bridges. There are 27 levels available now. But do not worry recent upgrades will increase the number of levels. Enjoy your favourite game even more.

X Construction Game

google play

[divider[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#000000"]Finally, we hope guys you all enjoyed our collection of “Top 5 Best Paid Games for Android 2016“, if by mistake we have missed your best android paid games of 2016 then feel free to tell us via comments below. Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to follow us on facebook page and other social sites for new article updates.

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