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Top Four Apps for ACT Practice

Oct 15, 2017

Are you looking for some of the best apps for the ACT? There are a lot of apps out there that can help you practice for the ACT. Whether you are a freshman in high school or a senior, it would be a good idea to check out some practice ACT questions. We have a list of four of the best apps for the ACT that can help you practice and gain experience before the actual test.

Top Four Apps for the ACT – Free & Paid

Khan Academy– First on our list if we are talking about the best apps for the ACT is Khan Academy. This is a free app available on iOS and Android. Khan Academy is known for being one of the most educational companies out there. Khan Academy also partnered up with the College Board.

This is an app that is great for people looking for math lessons. There are tons of math lessons in the Khan Academy app. If you are going to be taking the ACT, the math questions definitely are where you need to spend the most time. There is coordinate geometry, ratios, complex numbers, and more in this app to help you practice.

The Grading Game– Another one of the best apps for the ACT is The Grading Game. This is a free app on both iOS and Android and works well for ACT test preparations. This is basically a game where your goal is to try to find all of the errors in sample essays. Obviously, The Grading Game is geared more towards the writing sections and English sections of the ACT.

There are times where you will need to find grammatical errors on the ACT or write a story of some type. This will allow you to practice your grammar on various difficulty levels too. There is a clock in The Grading Game, which will allow you to see how quickly you are able to see the errors and fix them. This app is great because it also helps increase your reading time and comprehension, which is important on the ACT.

ACTStudent– ACTStudent is definitely one of the best apps for the ACT available today. This app is available on iOS and it is completely free. This app was developed by ACT Inc., and it is all about helping you practice for the ACT. Since the people behind the ACT are behind this app, you know you are getting genuine test questions.

You can complete various practice tests and questions like you will see on the ACT. This is a reliable way to prepare for the ACT and you can even check your scores online by registering for an account. Some people do complain that there are not enough test questions here on ACTStudent, but it is completely free so it is worth checking out to see great example questions.

ACT TestBank! English & Math Test Prep Questions – If you are looking for some of the best apps for the ACT then ACT TestBank! English & Math Test Prep Questions is a great choice. You can use this app on iOS and it will cost you if you want to get the full version. There is a free version but it is limited in terms of the amount of questions and preparation you will get.

If you want the full version, which contains more than 1,000 questions, it will cost you $4.99. That is not a bad price at all for over 1,000 test questions for ACT preparation. If you are looking for an app to help you really prepare, then ACT TestBank! English & Math is the best way to go.

With this app, you can retake questions that you might have flagged. After that, you can mark questions with the flag to go over again. This app will allow you to see and find your weaknesses and strengths. This is definitely something you will want to check out before you take the ACT so you know where you should be studying.

Your performance will be measured and questions will be based off of your performance. This is one of the most comprehensive ACT apps out there because you get strategies and test tips as well. You will be able to compare your skills and scores with that of other people, which helps you figure out your percentile.

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