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Top 4 Scanner Apps to Make Scanning Easier in 2018

Jan 4, 2018

Have you been looking for scanner apps for your iOS or Android device? There are a lot of different apps available on both platforms. These apps offer you the ability to scan documents and save them. With so many options available on iOS and Android, it might be hard to know which scanner apps are the best.

We thought we would tell you about four amazing scanner apps. These scanner apps are all great and will work regardless of what you are trying to scan. Continue reading to learn about some of the best scanner apps out on the market right now.

Top 4 Scanner Apps You Need to Try

Google Drive- When it comes to the best scanner apps out there, Google Drive has to be number one. A lot of people do not even know that Google Drive can scan your documents and receipts. Google Drive is likely an application you use already, since it allows you to store documents into the Cloud.

Google Drive is free on both iOS and Android and it is free on all platforms including PC. With Google Drive, you can quickly and easily scan your documents, receipts, and even napkin notes. Even better, Google Drive performs something called OCR, which is optical character recognition.

You can convert the scanned documents into PDF as well with Google Drive. Simply open up Google Drive and click “Add New” and then “Scan.” You will be able to quickly access all of your scanned documents regardless of what they are or how you scanned the documents. Auto-uploading the documents is also something Google Drive does. If you are looking for a free and reliable scanner app, then Google Drive should be your number one choice.

Genius Scan– Genius Scan is also making our list of the best scanner apps available to you. This is a free scanner app for both iOS and Android and it works very well no matter what your needs. You can scan images of notes, documents, sketches, receipts, and much more with Genius Scan. You can turn your images into a PDF if that is your preferred file type as well.

You will be able to keep all of your scanned items in a Library and then you can share those scanned images at any time with others. While this app is free to use, you can get the premium version for $7. In the Premium version, there are no advertisements and you can import PDFs. The premium version also allows you to save your scans to many different locations including to Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox

Genius Scan is very simple to use and the design makes it great for just about any purpose. You will not need to try to use a drop-down box or menu in this app either. Simply scan and you are on your way. There are also updates regularly to the app and the customer support is amazing, which adds to this being one of the best scanner apps out there. You might want to get the premium version if you are using the scanner app for work, otherwise the free version will be good enough for most people.

Scannable- On our list of the best scanner apps out today we have to mention Scannable. If you have an iOS device, you want to check out Scannable. Scannable comes to you from Evernote, which as you know is a great company devoted to making your life easier. With Scannable, you can scan anything you can think of with Scannable, including documents and receipts. Artwork, sketches, napkin scribbles, and basically everything is scannable with Scannable.

You will be able to scan business cards with ease and the text or images are all enhanced to make it easier to read. Even better, once you scan a business card, that information is automatically stores into a contact card. This allows you to quickly and easily contact that person without having to look up the business card. Scannable works the best if you are already using Evernote, and it is free with no premium or unlocks.

CamScanner- CamScanner is free on iOS and Android and also makes our list of the best scanner apps available for you. This is a great app with great reviews and offers the ability to scan nearly any type of document. There is a premium version you can get as well which is $4.99 per month. It offers more storage and more options including editing OCR results.

With the free version, you can do almost anything. Most people will not need to upgrade to the paid version. CamScanner allows you to scan your documents and images, share the scans with other people, and collaborate with others as well.

There is a Quick Search option as well in CamScanner, and you can extract images and text from the scans as well. If you are uploading sensitive documents, you can even set a password. The password will protect these documents so that only you can see them. You can sync up across multiple platforms, print and fax with CamScanner and do so much more. If you are using a scanner app for business, then CamScanner is really one of the best options out there. There are so many features and functions of CamScanner that you will be amazed all of these features are free to use. Whether you are collaborating with others or you are trying to run your business, CamScanner gives you the freedom to do what you need quickly.

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