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Tor Browser Free on iOS Now

Jan 11, 2017

When it comes to being safe online, you might not realize that you should be protecting yourself on your mobile device as well. One of the easiest ways you can protect yourself online through mobile is to download the Tor browser for iOS, which goes by the name of Onion Browser. The Onion Browser has been specifically developed for those who are running on iOS.

Onion Browser Helps Keep You Safe on iOS

The Onion Browser was previously in Apple’s App Store for $.99, but a few weeks ago the developer behind the app decided to make the app free on iOS. If you have never heard of Tor or Onion before, it is regarded as one of the safest and easiest ways to protect your privacy while online. The Onion Browser will encrypt all of your data so that no one, such as a government, can snoop on what you are up to.

You might see a lot of Tor browsers on the Apple App Store, but the official Tor browser for iOS does go by the name of Onion Browser. This is an open-source browser specifically for iOS, and it allows you to bypass any censorship that might be happening. While people in the United States might not have to worry about government censorship quite as much, other countries are not as lucky.

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After you download the Onion Browser from the App Store, you will then have to go through the installation process. The app will then launch and within seconds you will be connected to the Tor network. This means that you will be using a secured line and that there are no ways you can be tracked using Onion Browser through your IP address. Various regions in the world have blocked the access to Tor, which means you cannot connect to Tor, but the iOS app is different. The iOS app has a built-in bypass system in place which means that you can still use Tor even in countries where it is not allowed.

The biggest issue when it comes to Onion Browser on iOS is that Apple has requirements such as browsers need to use the iOS WebKit. This would mean that it is more difficult to get Tor as a system-wide feature. The developers though did not give up, and found ways to get around these issues. This means that you will now have access to Tor through Onion Browser on iOS, which is definitely helpful if you are a privacy-advocate that loves checking out websites on mobile.

The only real issue though with the Onion Browser on iOS is that it does not have the same in-depth or complex capabilities as Tor does on the computer. Mostly due to the issues with iOS and Apple, so you will notice a more simple design and user interface. The Onion Browser also does not have all of the features or functionalities as the regular version of Tor. The good news here though is that this browser is not full of the same vulnerabilities and exploits that Firefox on iOS is, so you should be a lot safer in the long run.

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