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Transmit iOS App Suspended by Developer

Jan 8, 2018

Developer Panic has decided to suspend the sales of the Transmit iOS app, which is a file-management app. Panic is a huge company and has developed many apps for both iOS and Mac, including Transmit, Prompt, and Coda. Fairly soon, you will not be able to go to Apple’s App Store and purchase Transmit. This is bad news for many people who have yet to try out the file-management app. Read on to learn more about why Panic is suspending Transmit on iOS.

Transmit Soon to be Suspended on iOS Due to Sales

Panic said that one of the main reasons why Transmit is about to be suspended on iOS is that the sales are just not good enough. It only brought in roughly $35,000 for the year 2017. That is not nearly enough according to Panic. The developer said that it costs more than that to keep a developer around even just part-time. Transmit has only really been useful since iOS 8, which is when Share Sheet was introduced to the platform. That was when Panic thought that using the app to download and upload everything would become even more useful. Ever since then, the app has been growing. The new additions to iOS 10 have all but rendered the app useless.

With this file-management app, it works with Amazon S3 servers as well as SFTP and FTP. The issue is that with iOS 10, you can get a lot of the same functionality from the Apple Files app. Panic said that the new iOS Files App, which is now even better on iOS 11, basically uses the same type of file-management system and features. So given the fact that iOS 10 and iOS 11 have the same functionality, and the lack of great sales, Panic said it was time to get rid of Transmit on iOS.

Transmit Still Usable As Panic Suspends Sales on iOS

The good news here is that if you have Transmit on your iOS device, it is still going to work after the app has been suspended. Transmit will still function as normal if you have already purchased and downloaded the app. We do not know how long Panic will keep the iOS app active though, as this only relates to the foreseeable future. It is possible later on down the road, that the app will be removed altogether.

We also are not sure if any new updates will be coming to the app once the app is suspended. If we had to guess, we think that will be unlikely. That is more likely because the app is not bringing in sales and it costs more for a part-time developer. Panic is not giving up on the app completely. The company said that it hopes it can bring back the app to iOS in the future.

Panic Leaves Door Open for Transmit to Come Back

As more people use iOS as a working machine for business, the company thinks that there will hopefully be more of an interest for Transmit. If the interest is there later on down the road, Panic said it would bring Transmit back. Transmit is still $9.99 on Apple’s App Store, so if you have not checked this app out yet, now might be the best time. The other good news here is that it seems Transmit is not going anywhere on Mac.

This particular file-management service is huge on that platform. There are no intentions of removing it at ais ll from Mac. We hope that one day soon that this app will come back to iOS. Mostly because it such a very useful app, and some people just do not want to use the Files app on iOS. Let us know in the comments what you think of this announcement by Panic. Are you currently using the this app on iOS? Do you think suspending sales of the app is the best approach for the company?