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Truecaller Adds New Availability Feature for Truedialer

Sep 28, 2015

On Thursday, 24 September, Truecaller unveiled a new update for their Truedialer application. The update brings a brand new ‘Availability’ feature, which is aimed to make contact a lot easier. Instead of having to set up an out of office answerphone, or even a do not disturb answerphone, smartphone users can take advantage of the feature which is currently available on the Google Play Store.

The New Feature

Now that the update has officially launched for Android users, those who use Truedialer are able to see if the person they are about to call is available or not – as long as both parties are users of Truedialer. Any truedialer-3contacts who are not available to call will have a red status icon next to them, to show that they are busy. If a contact is available, then they will have a green icon next to their name – this will show that they are not busy.

The application, Truedialer, automatically updates the users availability, since it syncs with their calendar – if the user is in a meeting, for example, then their availability will be changed to busy and the red icon will show for others. Users can also manually update their own availability to suit their needs. Calendar syncing can also be disabled completely, if it is needed to be – this will mean the entire availability system will be manual.

If a contact is busy when someone wants to speak to them, then they can still click the ‘call anyway’ button. Another alternative is to, of course, send a text message or instant message. If it is urgent, they can also be notified of when the contact becomes available – this way, they can call them as soon as possible.

What Truecaller Says

“It seems unusual that in a world where we can talk to each other over our phones, map our locations wherever we are with pinpoint accuracy and stream our current activity, that we still haven’t figured out when to let people know when we’re free to talk in real time. This is where Truedialer changes things”, Alan Mamedi, the CEO and Co-Founder of Truecaller, said.

Windows Phone & iOS Availability

The new version of Truedialer, version 3.5, is already available to download via the Google Play Store. However, it is not available for Windows Phone users or iOS users.

truedialer-2Since the application is not already on iOS, and the way the Apple’s operating system works, it is highly unlikely that Truedialer version 3.5 will become available for those using iPhones.

Although there has been no official confirmation, users generally expect the update to reach Windows Phone within just a few weeks. This is generally how long it takes for Truecaller to update their applications for Windows Phone, if the Android version is updated first.

Truedialer also got a major update in March of this year. The update was mainly to add support for users who had a dual-SIM device, as well as some bug fixed. The application released last year in October – both for devices running Android and Windows Phone OS. Truedialer and Truecaller was also integrated into Cyanogen OS, which was announced back in May of this year. It was rolled out with version 12.1 of Cyanogen’s commercial operating system just last month.

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