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Truecaller Adds New Features in Android Update

Jul 21, 2017

If you are currently using the Truecaller app on your Android device, you might be interested in knowing about the latest Truecaller update. The newest update to the app is available right now on Google Play Store. With the new version rolling out on Google Play Store, it brings Truecaller up to version 8.21. Read on to learn more about the Truecaller Android app update and what new features you will find in this cool text and calling app.

Truecaller Android App Update Brings Spam Folder

One of the biggest features in the Truecaller Android app update that you will now have access to includes a Spam Folder. A Spam Folder has been something Truecaller users have been asking for. The Spam Folder is finally here in Truecaller Android app version 8.21. If you have used Truecaller or any other type of similar app in the past, then you know how annoying spam messages can be.

With the update, you will now be able to keep all of those spam messages right where they belong. You will now have a Spam Folder, which is a separate tab kept away from your normal messages. In order to use the Spam Folder feature, you will need to set Truecaller as your default app for SMS.

Beyond the new Spam Folder feature in the Truecaller Android app update, we also have noticed that there are new themes. One of the new themes in Truecaller is Pitch Black, and there are a lot of other colors and options for themes in this update too.

Another new feature that is in this version of the app is the ability to go into the Block Tab and mark all of those messages as read. This is definitely a good feature to have as well, and it will definitely increase your productivity since you can mark all of them at once instead of one at a time.

Truecaller Android App Update Details

Another one of the big changes that comes to the Truecaller Android app in version 8.21 is the option to save your MMS messages. This is going to be very useful for people because you can now save all of your MMS messages into the Truecaller app, regardless of where they originated. You will also have the ability now to block all of the Flash Messages that are incoming. While all of these new features seem to be appealing, we have to say the addition of the Spam Folder is probably the biggest news.

The addition of the Spam Feature going to make everything look nicer and more organized in Truecaller. The Spam Folder also is helpful because it will allow you to see your important and regular messages right there in the main section, and then you can tab over to the Spam Folder if you want to see what junk is hiding in there.

It is just like with email in terms of it being super annoying seeing fake messages and spam messages in with your regular emails, because it is a hassle to skim through and delete them one by one. Not to mention, sometimes it can be easy to accidentally delete a real message that is legit and important when you are trying to oust the spam.

Lastly, we also have noticed that the pricing of the Pro version of the app has changed. The Pro version of the app will get rid of the advertisements that you see in the free version of the app. Most free texting and calling apps have these advertisements, and often times you have to pay to remove them by upgrading the app. When it comes to Truecaller, it will now cost about half as much to upgrade to the Pro version.

To us, this means if you have been thinking about getting the Pro version, now would be a good time while the price has been slashed. There is now also an auto-renewal option, which allows the app to auto-renew instead of you having to go in and manually do it. If you would like to try out the new features including the Spam Folder and new colored themes, you can head to Google Play Store and download the new Android app update right now.