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Truecaller Launches Backup Feature for Android

Jan 15, 2018

Truecaller has just launched a Backup feature for Android, which allows you to backup all of your Truecaller information to Google Drive. This is great news because it allows you to quickly restore your Truecaller information if you get a new SIM, a new smartphone, or just need to reinstall the app on your Android device. If you have Truecaller on your Android device, keep reading to learn more about the new Backup feature and how it can help you.

Truecaller Adds Backup Feature on Android

The good news is that you will be able to backup a ton of things with the new Backup feature. You can backup your block list, settings, contacts, and call history. With this new option, you can restore all of that information if you get a new phone, get a new SIM, or simply have to just reinstall the app on your device. The call logs, preferences, call history, and settings will all be saved to a file that can be stored in Google Drive. If you do not yet have a Google Drive account, you will be prompted to make one once the next Truecaller update hits your Android device.

This is a great new feature because you can also select how often you want Truecaller to backup the data. You can set it to never backup, which means you would have to backup the data yourself manually. There is an option to backup your information weekly, monthly, and even daily if you want. For some people, this is genius because it means you will not have to worry about that information being backed up since it can be scheduled to happen whenever you choose.

New Backup Feature on Truecaller for Android Coming Out Now

Some people will be seeing the new Backup feature right now on their Truecaller Android app. For other people, it could take a couple days for you to see the update. One other cool thing is that restoring your Truecaller data is very easy to do. You will just need to give your Truecaller account access to Google Drive, and then that data you last saved will be restored. There is another new feature coming in this Truecaller Android update too, which also will help you stay current on your contacts.

The other new feature is called Truecaller Contacts, and this will save all of the numbers that you have used in Truecaller. It will save the SMS numbers, numbers you have called, and numbers you have made a transaction to or with. This allows you to quickly pull up phone numbers that you have used in the past. That includes phone numbers you did not save into Truecaller at the time. This is just the latest update to hit Truecaller in the past week.

Truecaller Backup Feature Just the Latest in Big Updates on Android

Just a week ago, another update hit the Truecaller Android app, which also brought new features. Those new features included improvements to the Flash messaging and Simple Copy OTP. The Simple Copy OTP allows you to copy the OTP from your notification window with just one click. The Flash messaging improvements were to improve the overall design and make it look sleeker.

All of these new features in the Truecaller Android app will help make the app better and more useful for users. It will also allow for people to more quickly backup and access their information. This will be most useful when you need to change your device or factory reset your Android. You can grab the newest update right now through Google Play. If you have Truecaller installed on your Android, then you will be seeing the update very shortly.