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Trusted Contacts App Launches on Android

Dec 5, 2016

If you are running any Android device that has Android version 4.1 or higher, you might want to know about the latest app coming to Android that could save your life. This new app from Google named Trusted Contacts, was made specifically in case of an emergency. Trusted Contacts is an app you can use to share your location with your trusted friends or family, and it can help you if you are in an accident or going on a date that you are unsure about.

Trusted Contacts App Provides Location Information for Emergencies

You have probably heard someone tell you that your cell phone should have an “ICE” number in the contacts, which stands for in case of emergency. Well now, you do not need an ICE number because you can use the Trusted Contacts app to designate friends and family to become your emergency contacts. Using Trusted Contacts, you can give out and share your location information to those who are on the Trusted Contacts list.


Trusted Contacts will use your existing contacts and you just will be able to designate various “trusted” sources within your contacts that this app can use. Those people that you assign this trusted status to will be able to make location requests, but of course you can deny the request if you do not want those contacts to see your current location. You will also be able to send your location information to these trusted contacts. Whether it is a date you are concerned about or an accident you just go in while driving, you can send your location to these contacts so that they know where you are so the proper emergency services can be called if need be. Even if it was not an emergency for police or an ambulance, you can share the information if you want your friend to come bail you out of a bad date situation.

You can revoke location access any time you want, and you also can change trusted contacts as much as you want. This app is voluntary in nature, with you only giving trusted status to those you want to have this information, and you do not even need to set it up right away if you do not want. Google only has made it possible to have 50 designated contacts as trusted for now, although it is unlikely you will use more than 10 people as a trusted source. If you are in a pickle and cannot accept the location request from a family member or friend, after 5 minutes the information will automatically be sent after that request. GPS location details are also sent at that 5 minute mark if you do not reply with either accepting or denying the request. This is good because if you are unconscious after a car wreck, this information will be sent on your behalf.