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Tumblr App Removed from Apple’s App Store After App Issue Found

Nov 19, 2018

The iOS version of the Tumblr app was removed this past weekend after issues with the app were found. A lot of people were concerned when they noticed that the app was removed from Apple’s App Store. Some people thought this might be because it had been removed by Apple.

It appears that was not the case and that the app likely was removed by Tumblr after some issues were found. This is not the first time that a social app was removed from Apple’s App Store, and it likely will not be the last. We have the latest news on Tumblr being removed from Apple’s App Store so keep reading to learn more.

Tumblr App Removed from Apple App Store Due to Issues

Everyone was wondering what was going on this past weekend when Tumblr was removed from Apple’s App Store. A lot of people thought that Apple had removed the app due to some violations of some kind. It appears that the issues were related to the app itself, and that Tumblr had removed the app to fix the issues.

At first Tumblr said that there was just an issue with the iOS app, but on Saturday we learned a little bit more fro the company. Tumblr said that it was still working on the issues with the iOS app and that once everything has been fixed, we will be notified. We are guessing that the issues are stemming from what users said earlier in the past week.

There were some issues going on when you would be trying to search with Safe Mode turned off. If you had Safe Mode turned on, then you likely did not have issues with searching. It was only people who had Safe Mode turned off that were having problems with searching within the app itself. People would then delete the app and try to reinstall the app only to find it was removed from Apple’s App Store. Other people said that loading up the Purchases page would allow them to redownload the app.

Tumblr App Disappears from Apple’s App Store to Fix Issues with App

There was speculation that the Tumblr app was removed due to inappropriate content on the app, although there was no confirmation that was an issue. Since there were issues with searching and the Safe Mode, it definitely would make sense that it did have something to do with inappropriate content. Neither Apple or Tumblr itself would say whether inappropriate content was an issue causing the removal. It appears Tumblr was pretty quick though at starting to fix the issues at hand.

You might remember that Apple had removed a lot of apps off the App Store earlier in the year for inappropriate content. Telegram was one of the apps removed for inappropriate content this year when it was found to be used to distribute child pornography. You have to have filters for your apps on Apple’s App Store that allow inappropriate content to be screened out. If you did not already know, when it comes to the Tumblr app, there is often times inappropriate content on the app. Both adult-oriented content and NSFW content can be found on the Tumblr app.

What Do You Think About the Tumblr App Being Removed from Apple’s App Store?

Even though the Tumblr app is likely to be back on the Apple App Store within days, if some have not already noticed it back, we want to know what you think of this news. Are you someone who uses Tumblr regularly and do you worry about inappropriate content on the app? Do you think that Apple is doing enough to control inappropriate content found within apps?

Even if the removal does not have anything to do with inappropriate content, we know Tumblr has a large amount on the apps and website. Is this an app you enjoy using as a social app or do you stay away from this app for a particular reason? What is your favorite social app to use and why do you like to use it on your device? Let us know in the comments below what you believe the issue is with Tumblr and the removal.