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TuneTrack App Adds Support for Spotify Home Screen Widgets on iOS 14

Sep 23, 2020

If you’ve been keeping up with the iOS 14 news, then you know that many apps have already added the ability for you to add a home screen widget. This was one of the great additions to iOS 14 that has us all very excited. TuneTrack is an app you might not have heard about before, but we know you’ll want to check out after this.

Many third-party apps have added the ability to add a widget, but Spotify up to this point has not. You don’t have to worry because a third-party app has taken care of that for you. We think that you’re going to love this news and it’s going to make iOS 14 even better for you than it already is. Read on to learn more about the TuneTrack app update and the new widget option for your iOS 14 home screen.

TuneTrack Popularity Expands as App Adds Spotify Home Screen Widget Support for iOS 14

TuneTrack is one of those third-party apps that you might not have heard about before, but it’s going to be a name you hear a lot of the next few weeks. One of the popular features of iOS 14 is the added support for third-party apps to add a widget to the home screen. People have been very elated to finally be able to add these widgets to their home screen. We can’t believe it took Apple this long, but better late than never.

While many apps have added support within days, Spotify hasn’t. It’s due to the lack of home screen widget support through Spotify that has landed TuneTrack at the top of the list of apps to download onto your iOS 14 device. As you probably have guessed, Apple has a ton of apps that have been updated to support the home screen widget ability now available on iOS 14.

One of those apps is Apple Music and there’s now a Music widget, and this is a good option for those who like Apple Music. With the Music widget, you will be able to see three different sizes and choose which is the best for you. You can see playlists, albums, and songs right from the home screen using the widget for Apple Music. Some people rather listen to Spotify though than deal with Apple Music.

It’s Simple to Add a Spotify Widget through TuneTrack on iOS 14

Using TuneTrack to add a Spotify widget to the home screen of your iOS 14 device is so easy, and it’s definitely the way to go for now until Spotify releases a widget. If you’re wondering how TuneTrack works on iOS 14, you’d be happy to know that it works really well and the integration with other apps is so useful.

TuneTrack integrates with Spotify, Last.fm, and also Apple Music. It allows you to make your own customized playlists and also gives you a way to track your listening habits. It’s a free download on Apple’s App Store so you have to do that first if you don’t already use the app.

Once you download the app simply sign into the app with your Spotify account. You will then be able to go back to the home screen on your iOS 14 device and just long-press. Once the jiggle mode has been activated, click on “+” which is in the top-right section of the screen. You can then go through all of the apps that you have that include widget support.

Keep going and you’ll run into TuneTrack. At that point, you should see the option to add the Spotify widget right to your home screen. You can put the widget anywhere you want on your home screen or move it around when you need to. The widget updates every five minutes by default, but you can change this by going into the Settings.

Will You Download the TuneTrack Spotify Home Screen Widget for Your iOS Device?

We want to point out that you could wait on Spotify to release a widget, but the company isn’t known for adopting new features of the newest operating system. Spotify has always lagged at gaining features that were released in a recent iOS update and also lags with Apple Watch.

Waiting on Spotify is going to likely mean you’re missing out, so that’s where TuneTrack aims to help you out. We know that some people will want to check out the Spotify widget right now.  It’s likely useful to millions of people and that’s where you come into the picture.

In the comments below, we want to know if you’re going to download the Spotify home screen widget for iOS 14 through TuneTrack? Do you like that TuneTrack has widgets for both Apple Music and Spotify? What has been your favorite addition to iOS 14 so far? Have you noticed a lot of other third-party apps adding support for the home screen widget? Are you someone that regularly uses widgets? If you don’t use Spotify, we want to know which music app you use and why you like it better than Spotify.