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Tut’s Twister a perfect example of the new breed of immersive slot games

Sep 10, 2018

With every passing year, the games we download and play improve in every aspect, from the depth to the physics to the graphics. That’s a given as the underlying technology continues to march on, but there is one type of gaming has evolved in more fundamental ways than any other – and that is the humble slots game.

Even as recently as a year or two ago, one slot games was essentially very similar to the next. There would be different themes, of course, and developers did their best to add a unique aspect with the bonus games, but in essence, it still boiled down to a spin of the reels and trying to match symbols, whether these were fruits, footballs or characters from horror movies.

Increased gameplay and depth

That has changed over the past 12 months, thanks in part to new rules out of Nevada. The gaming commission there has permitted games to incorporate a greater skill component, and this has provided the impetus to develop games that can bring additional aspects of gameplay and story arc to their slots. Tut’s Twister, a recent release from Yggdrasil Gaming, is a perfect case in point.

Background to the game

As the name suggests, this game is set in Ancient Egypt and surrounds the legend of Tutankhamun. The game takes aspects of the 3,500 year old legend and combines it with plot lines from the many movies that have been made surrounding the Pharaoh’s curse.

Gameplay involves exploring the pharaoh’s tomb and gathering treasures that are hidden within the reels. There are also a generous number of Wilds – when two or more appear, the Twister feature is launched, which performs a succession of respins, increasing the bonus multiplier with each one.

A look at the mechanics

For those who want to know about the science behind the game, this is a five-reel slot with 25 paylines. The minimum wager is just €0.25 or equivalent, meaning this is a game in which you can really make your bankroll last. The payout percentage is an impressive 97.1 percent.

Just as important, though, Tut’s Twister is a game that is as enjoyable to play for free as it is with real money. This is, perhaps one of the most fundamental differences in modern slots games compared to those from years gone by.

Changing the face of slots

With an interesting story, enjoyable gameplay and graphics that really sparkle, Tut’s Twister is something that will appeal to those who enjoy a game for the sake of playing it – at the same time, the frequent payouts and generous payout percentage will also make this a slot game that is attractive to the hardened gamblers. It is a pioneering game in the brave new world of slots, and the coming months will be interesting to see what other new games it inspires.

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