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Tweet Source Label Feature Returns in New Twitter iOS App Update

Dec 24, 2018

Great news if you use the Twitter iOS app, as the tweet source label has been readded to the iOS version in the latest update. This is something that used to exist on the iOS app years ago, but then it was removed back in 2012. For the past several years, people have not had the tweet source label feature.

The removal of the feature was due to Twitter trying to make things better for clients. We now know through Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, that the tweet source label feature is making a comeback. Read on to learn more about the new iOS Twitter app update, including the popular feature making a comeback.

Twitter Brings Back Tweet Source Label Feature for iOS

We are super excited that Dorsey finally decided to bring back the tweet source label feature. This feature was great because it allowed you to see which Twitter client was used when writing the tweet and sending it on the iOS app. As you can see in the picture below, you are clearly able to see which iOS Twitter client was used to send the tweet.

If you do not remember the feature from back in 2012, it is very easy to get to when you are in the iOS Twitter app. All you have to do is click on a tweet and then look for the date and time section. You will see the tweet source label right there next to the date and time area.

If you check for the feature, you will also notice that there is a hyperlink with the name of the client used. If you click this link, you will end up at the Twitter support page that tells you the functionality of the tweet source label. That is a really cool feature because it allows you to quickly pull up the page telling you what this feature is all about.

Twitter Tweet Source Label Returns & Makes it More Like Third-Party Competitors

Expanding on what we just mentioned with the Twitter support page in the hyperlink, the page will tell you more about what the tweet source label does. According to the page, it allows you to get more information and understand specifically how that tweet was posted. You can get information and context about the author of the tweet and the tweet itself. If the source is one you do not really know, then it is up to you to determine whether or not you trust the content.

With the return of the tweet source label, you will notice it is more on par with the third-party competitors. A ton of the third-party competitors kept the source label feature long after Twitter removed it back in 2012. Some competitors, such as TweetDeck, never removed the feature and kept it going this entire time.

That is why this is such great news for the actual Twitter iOS app, since it is now back on track and comparable to the third-party competitors out there. There are a lot of other differences though between the Twitter iOS app and those third-party competitors.

How You Can Get Tweet Source Label Feature on iOS Twitter App

If you would like to check out the new source label feature, you will need to update to the latest Twitter iOS app version. The version is slowly rolling out to iOS devices with Twitter installed, although you might not see the update quite yet. If you do not see the update on your device, there is always the option of updating manually by going through Apple’s App Store.

Once you have tried out the tweet source label feature, we want to hear in the comments below what you think about it. Do you like having this feature on the official Twitter app for iOS? Are you someone who uses a third-party competitor for Twitter on your iOS device?

If you do not use the actual Twitter app, tell us in the comments below which Twitter client you have been using. What is it about the third-party Twitter app competitor that you like over the main Twitter iOS app? Were you around on Twitter when this feature was first released several years ago? What else would you like to see come to the main Twitter app for iOS that a competitor has that Twitter does not?