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Twitter Adds Data Saver Feature in New Mobile Update

Oct 10, 2018

There is a new Twitter update available for iOS and Android right now, which features the long-awaited data saver feature. You will find a few new changes and features with the Twitter mobile update, but we are definitely most excited about the data saver feature. The newest version of the Twitter app for iOS and Android is version 7.33. We have all of the latest news about what you will find in Twitter version 7.33 for mobile, so keep reading to learn more.

Twitter Brings Data Saver Feature to Mobile Apps

It has been a long time in the making, but Twitter has finally released the data saver feature to both the iOS and Android apps. The newest version of Twitter for mobile is version 7.33, and there are quite a few changes found in this mobile update. With the new data saver feature, you will be able to stop videos from automatically playing. Once this feature is enabled, you will also find that images are going to be in lower-quality resolution too.

You could change the automatic playing of videos manually before, and you also could change the image quality. Now, you no longer will need to manually adjust these details once you have enabled the data saver feature. It is just one control now and it makes things a lot easier when it comes to data management. You might have heard about the data saver feature before, since it has been in testing here and there pretty much since the beginning of 2018. This new feature is now available for everyone in the stable Twitter app update version 7.33.

Data Saver is Not the Only New Twitter Mobile App Feature Released in Update

There are other changes we wanted to tell you about beyond the new data saver mode. Arguably, we are most excited about data saver mode, but we like the other additions too. You will notice that when it comes to the members of your group direct messages, you have more control. It is now much easier to control which people are in a certain direct message group.

Beyond that, certain advertisements now have much better labels. You will also notice that there is new support when it comes to polls if you use VoiceOver. This will enable people to interact easier and more often with polls using the VoiceOver. These are just some of the biggest changes that you will find with the Twitter iOS update and the Twitter Android update. We are definitely excited for these changes to finally be live on the stable release of Twitter version 7.33.

Are You Excited About the New Data Saver Feature on Twitter iOS & Android?

We want to know what you think of the new data saver feature on Twitter iOS and the Twitter Android app. Are you someone who has been waiting for this new data saver feature to finally be rolled out in the stable release? Have you already tried out the feature in one of the earlier testings of the data saver feature? Once you have tried out the new Twitter mobile app, come back here and tell us what you think about it.

If you would like to get the new update, you will find it live right now in both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The over-the-air update should have already hit your device, but there might be a few people still waiting on Android for the update. As you probably know, Android updates are much slower to roll out than the iOS updates.

If you have not joined Twitter yet, now is a really good time tot try out one of the most well-known social apps out there. There is even a Twitter Lite version available if you are someone on a lower-end device with not a lot of storage space. Regardless of which Twitter that you use, you will now have access to all of the new and exciting features.