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Twitter Android Update Allows for App Shortcuts

Nov 7, 2016

Android 7.0 has a lot of new features built into it, and Twitter is getting an update on Android that will take advantage of all these new features. One of the biggest features coming to the new Twitter update is that you will now have app shortcuts. This means that you will be able to do various Twitter activities right from the Android Home Screen without having to mess with opening the app or going out of the app you were previously working in.

Twitter Android Update Features

The Twitter update will allow you to send a message right from the Android Home Screen, as well as create new Tweets. You also will be able to search directly from the Home Screen, and you do all of these things just by pressing down and holding the app icon. If you are someone who is addicted to Twitter, this is great news since you now will not have to get into the app outside of the Home Screen to do most of what you want to do. You will find that these new updates to Twitter make browsing the site a whole lot easier, and the loading times for various functions are much quicker than they were previously.


The Twitter update will also add multiple window support, which means you can browse other apps at the same time you are browsing Twitter. These are not really surprising features though since the Twitter Alpha release from a few weeks ago showed these app updates coming, but the final version is now officially being launched. If you have an Android device, you should be on the lookout for the Twitter update rolling out, although it could take a few days to reach you. If you do not want to wait for the over-the-air update, you can head to the Google Play Store and download the new update or see if it is available for your specific Android device.

The only downside to the app shortcut feature of this update is that a lot of Android devices are going to be left out of this part of the update. You will need to have the Pixel or Pixel XL with Google Launch, the Nova Launcher or the Action Launcher in order to get the app shortcuts. You must have Android Nougat installed on your Android device to run these new features on the update. Even if you are not in the app shortcut group the updates and upgrades to the Twitter app will surely make you smile, especially the new bright and shiny Twitter icon.