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Twitter App on Android Updates with GIF Keyboard Support

Feb 6, 2017

Good news if you use the social media app Twitter on your Android device. There is a new update rolling out for Android Nougat users which allows you to upload your GIFs directly to Twitter. We are going to tell you all about the latest Twitter for Android update including how this new functionality works on Android devices.

Twitter Android App Adds GIF Keyboard Support

Twitter is now updating to version 6.33.0 but right now this new Android release of Twitter is only available on the Twitter beta version. The Twitter beta version is 6.33.0 beta 556. The full release of this new Twitter version for Android will be hitting Google Play in the coming week and will be coming through the over-the-air update option as well very soon. For now, the new Android version of Twitter is on beta, but that does not mean you have to wait to get excited for the new features coming along in the official update.

The new version of Twitter which will be rolling out to all Android devices very soon will allow you to upload GIFs right from the Keyboard. You need to have Android Nougat 7.1 or above to get the new GIF Keyboard support feature, and also need to have a compatible keyboard as well. Compatible keyboards are all over the place, but the most common keyboard you probably are using on Android that is supported with this Twitter update is Gboard.

You will notice that the ability to add the GIF directly will both be allowed to be uploaded through a normal Tweet or through the Direct Message feature on Twitter. You will have the ability add the GIF right from the keyboard you are using, which is pretty cool. The feature was already there on Twitter to allow you to search and upload the GIFs through the Android app, but not from the Keyboard itself. Now, we will have the ability to search and upload GIFs through the Keyboard which will save you time when it comes to posting your favorite images to Twitter.

Twitter has been doing all kinds of things to engage users and get people using the social media platform. There are more changes and features coming to Twitter, both on the mobile apps and on the website, in the coming weeks. One feature that is still not here that users want to see is the ability to edit Tweets. We are hoping that since Twitter is really trying to boost engagement that this will be coming down the pike in another upcoming update. For now though, one of the most sought-after features on Twitter is still not here, which probably does not help with user engagement.

The good news here is that the Moto G4 is already seeing this feature on the beta update. This was one of the first phones to get Nougat back in the day, so this update might be rolling out according to when the Android device got Android Nougat. In the coming few weeks, we will see this new Twitter beta go from the beta state to official release. If you would like to try out the new Twitter, you need to sign up for the beta testing program. You can do that right now if you want to try out the new GIF Keyboard support in Twitter, although since the app will be releasing to the public soon it might not be worth your time unless you really are invested in Twitter.

Remember, with beta tests, there could be glitches and bugs. It is important that if you install the beta version of Twitter that you report any issues you find because this will help the developers fix and patch issues before the official release. We do not know yet what the date of the official Twitter update will be for Android but we will keep you informed.