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Twitter iOS App Gets Redesign in Latest Update

Jun 15, 2017

If you currently have a Twitter account and you are using an iOS device, you might want to know about the latest Twitter iOS update. This new update, which should be rolling out now to iOS devices, is all about making the iOS version similar in appearance to the Android version. Continue to read on to learn about the new Twitter iOS update, including new features and changes to the layout of the ever-changing and growing social media app.

Twitter iOS Update Includes Redesign & New Features

If you have the Twitter iOS app installed on your iOS device, you might be interested in knowing about the latest iOS update to hit the popular social media app. The new Twitter update for iOS makes it more like the Android version of the app. The new Twitter iOS update brings the app up to version 7.0. In this update, you will find a redesigned app, including putting more of the focus on the types of content Twitter provides.

The company released a statement saying that it took feedback from various people to see what needed improved in the iOS version. Not only did the company take in the feedback and try to fix the issues people had with the app, but the company wanted to focus on making a lighter and quicker app for people to use to interact with one another.

We already told you that there were three new features added to Twitter in this update, but we wanted to expand upon what the new features are. In the Twitter iOS update, you will notice that you can now add stickers to your profile pictures. You also can add filters to your profile pictures, which is pretty cool. Another change with the app is that the Retweets and the Likes have changed to update dynamically.

This means that you can see instantly what type of social interaction and engagement your Tweet has had on the Twitter-verse. For a lot of people in the business world, this new way to gauge interaction is going to help when it comes to social media marketing and management.

The third new feature that we wanted to talk about is the fact links will open up in Safari. This last feature is definitely one that people have been asking for, and it is much better than using the browser from within Twitter. Now, you can access the Reader View since the links will open up in Safari itself. This also means that you will be able to engage with other people and websites since you will be logged into the websites that you click on through Twitter where you hold an account.

Twitter iOS Version 7 Design Changes

As far as the design changes go in the Twitter iOS update, it will look strikingly similar to Twitter on Android. The app will be much easier to use with the redesign, including a new side navigation area. The side navigation is going to be very useful to you because it will allow you to see your Settings, and also it will have headlines that are bolder. The side navigation also has a lot more intuitive icons. Beyond that, you will notice that there are only four navigation tabs now instead of five. The navigation tabs include Direct Messages, Notifications, Search, and Home.

Other changes in the Twitter iOS update include those that make the app more accessible. These include things like the Settings being in a more prominent position, and the color contrast is much better now too. The Reader View feature is also a great accessibility option since it can allow you to read documents and content much quicker and easier. Of course, the website has to support Reader View in order for this function to work.

Twitter Lite and TweetDeck will also be getting a lot of these changes in the next few weeks as well. Some of these changes will also be available on the website version of Twitter. If you would like to check out the new and improved Twitter iOS app, you can get it right now in the Apple App Store completely free. If you have the iOS app already, you should be seeing or have seen the update automatically hit your device within the past day.