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Twitter Just Launched An Android TV App

Nov 16, 2016

Android TVG hit the market not that long ago, but the lingering problem has always been that there are not many apps available for it as of yet. Even though Android TV has been out for over one year, a lot of companies still have not taken advantage of what could be with Android TV. Well good news as Twitter announced it launched an Android TV app.

Twitter Android TV App Available Now

If you have Android TV, you can now go straight to Google Play and download this new Android TV app. The biggest benefit of getting the Twitter app on your Android TV really is so you can stream live content right to your television. Twitter just partnered with the NFL to broadcast some of the Thursday Night Football games, so now you can get these games right on Android TV instead of just watching via mobile. The only bad part about the deal with the NFL is that not all Thursday games are broadcasted as some are still NFL Network exclusives. It is more than just the NFL you can get though through Twitter, as there are a ton of other types of live streaming content available.

The user-interface of the Twitter app for Android TV is pretty simple, but you might not even know it’s an official app as it is not quite as heavy on the logos and interface. In fact, it looks more like a generic Android TV app than a Twitter-official app. It does not appear you can sign into your Twitter account and it does not spear that you can navigate or search through it either. I would not worry about that though as if you are using the Twitter Android TV app the whole point is to watch live streaming content and not be Tweeting. You can use your mobile device if you feel inclined to Tweet about what you are watching.


What makes the Android TV Twitter app different is that you will not need to try to cast the content from your mobile device, as you can just bring it up right there on the television screen. There is also a lot of news stations and live streaming news content available too, so you can watch a lot more programming than just NFL games on Twitter. The Twitter Android TV app is free to download from the Google Play Store, and will work without you having to do anything but install it.

If you are a fan of Twitter you should also be on the lookout as it seems the company is trying to move in the live content streaming department. There is likely to be more types of live streaming content available in the future, especially if more companies take the initiative like the NFL and make a deal with Twitter for rights to the content. If you download the Twitter Android TV app also be on the lookout for upcoming updates, as it is likely there will be some account integration into the app at some point in the future, although that is still yet to be figured out.