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Twitter Night Mode Feature Hits Android

Jun 27, 2017

If you love being social on Twitter, you might really be excited about the new night mode feature that is hitting Android devices right now. The new Twitter update for Android brings the social networking app to version 7.2 on Android. This is just the latest update to Twitter in the last few weeks. All platforms Twitter runs on just got a whole new design a couple weeks ago, so we are super excited about all of these cool changes to Twitter. Night mode is a feature that has been around for a bit in beta testing, but it is officially rolling out as part of the app update in the latest 7.2 release.

Night Mode Feature Available on Twitter 7.2 for Android

If you love using Twitter on your Android device, you are going to love the new night mode feature that is available on the newest Twitter version for Android. The new Twitter update brings Twitter to version 7.2 on Android, and night mode is the main feature of this update. If you choose to enable night mode, you will notice that it will automatically turn off at sunrise and activate during sunset. If you love being on Twitter in the dark or before you go to bed, your eyes will definitely thank you for turning on the new night mode feature.

Some people on Android might have already used night mode before on Twitter, since this was part of a beta update that has been testing for a few months now. Not that many people though enjoy the beta testing. That means there are quite a few people who probably do not have experience with the new night mode. Once Twitter version 7.2 has downloaded onto your Android device, you will need to go into the settings in order to activate night mode.

The dark theme will be disabled in this update due to night mode. If you want to set the feature to turn on and off automatically you can do that as well, since that is a prompt you will get the first time you toggle to turn on night mode. You can choose to keep night mode as a manual feature though if you do not want to enable the feature at sunset every single day.

Twitter Night Mode Finally Released on Android

The cool thing here is that even if you set this feature to turn on and off automatically, you still have the option to change this feature down the road. If you press the toggle when it says “Automatic” you will get another prompt that will ask you if you would like to disable the automatic feature and turn manual mode back on.

This gives you the flexibility to try out this new feature and if you like it, continue to use it as an automatic feature. If you do not like it or you cannot see Twitter as well with the feature enabled, you can just go in and disable it within a couple seconds.

You also can head over to the Settings section and click on Privacy, and from there click on Display and Sounds. You will see that there is a dropdown menu where you can quickly access many features of Twitter, including the new night mode feature. You can find Twitter 7.2 available for download right now in Google Play Store. If you have Twitter on your Android device already, you should see the update coming your way within the next day or two. Some people prefer not to wait for the over-the-air update and would rather download the update manually, and this is an option if that is more your style.