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Twitter is Releasing a News Tab for Their App

Sep 23, 2015

Twitter has shown that they are going to be getting into releasing news, in a very big way. Today, the company have started to provide their users with latest, breaking and trending news stories. This has also been officially confirmed by Twitter; the organization is rolling out a brand new tab, callednews,” that will shortly appear in both of its iOS and Android apps. Screenshots show that is appears directly in the iOS application’s well-known navigation bar, between the already existing notifications and messages tabs. A Twitter spokesperson have provided the following statement: “We’re experimenting with a news experience on iOS and Android as we continue to explore new ways to surface the best content to users.”

How it Works Within the Application

Whenever you click on the news tab within the twitter application, you will quickly be presented with trending stories – these appear to be mostly compiled from major news organizations, such as CBS News, as well as The New York Times. Tapping twitter-2on one of the stories moves you to a view that flaunts the start of a news story, with a link to tap regarding the full article. As well as this, there are also top, or trending, related tweets from other Twitter users. Overall, it doesn’t feel very different than what Twitter attempted with its old, but well respected, “Discovertab, or the interface which is displayed when you press the search bar. The new news tab is most definitely designed to be completely single-purpose. This is one of the things that could help give Twitter more of an easily explained feature for headlining. Situated beside upcomingProject Lightningfeed, which should let users follow events as well as people. It is a certainty that Twitter is making sure that they focus on hot and upcoming events, and reporting about them as soon as they possibly can.

The Release Details

It is currently unclear for exactly when you might start seeing this brand new feature live on your mobile device, however. It is currently live for both iOS and Android users in Japan, but there isn’t any authentic statements on exactly when the feature will be available to use for other users. In regards to the content which has been shown, it is being tested by a select handful of Twitter’s partners for now – however it seems extremely likely that this list will continue to expand whenever the news tab has more of an official launch date. However, for now, you will have to stick to using the discover tab within the twitter application.

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