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Twitter Testing Moments Redesign on Android & iOS

Nov 13, 2017

If you are into Twitter, you might be interested in learning about the new redesign coming to Twitter Moments on both iOS and Android. It appears that Twitter has started testing out new looks for the Moments feature on both mobile platforms. The new redesign appears to put Moments in the same general design and format as the rest of Twitter. Read on to learn about the changes to Twitter Moments and what you might see on iOS and Android soon.

Twitter Moments Redesign Coming to iOS & Android

It is safe to say that the testing of the Twitter Moments redesign means that a new look will soon be coming to both iOS and Android. The new redesign will put Twitter Moments on par with the rest of Twitter in terms of design and overall layout. The current Twitter Moments really puts an emphasis on the photos and videos. The tweets in the current look are arranged in a horizontal fashion. This will be much different in the new design on both iOS and Android.

In the new redesign, you will notice that Twitter Moments uses a vertical scrolling feature. Twitter has even confirmed the news of the redesign and testing. The company made it a point to say that the look is the only thing changing, and nothing else will be changing in terms of features or anything. The new vertical format will allow people to search the Twitter Moments section much easier. It will still be showing the curated stories in terms of what is going on in the world. The overall content of Twitter Moments will not change with the new vertical scrolling on either platform.

Twitter Moments Redesign Includes A Few Possibilities

Right now, there are a few different possibilities on what Twitter Moments will soon look like on iOS and Android. Twitter is experimenting with more than one look right now, with there being differences between the iOS and Android versions. The Android redesign of Moments looks as if it will only display one of the tweets at a time. When you look at the iOS Twitter Moments redesign, there is still a photo-centric tweet at the top. After that tweet though, the rest go on to appear like the timeline does normally. Even though there are subtle differences, both Android and iOS have the tweets as vertical instead of horizontal. This means that the overall layout will appear as it does on the rest of the Twitter app.

Twitter recently replaced Moments on both iOS and Android with an “Explore” tab, which highlighted both video and trending topics as well as normal Moments. The bad thing with this change was that Twitter Moments was not nearly as visible. Even with that, Twitter claims this previous change did not impact Moments in a negative way on mobile. The various enhancements and changes Twitter has made to Twitter Moments over the last several months has allowed Moments to grow even more.

Right now, we do not have a date of when the new changes would take affect. Twitter will likely broadly roll out a new redesign to iOS and Android within the next month or two. So tell us whether you think this is a good idea. Do you like how the Moments feature will now be vertically aligned in the app as opposed to horizontally? Let us know in the comments how you feel about these changes.