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Twitter Testing Redesigns As Part of Android App Update

Jun 11, 2017

Twitter is one of the most widely-used social media apps out there for Android. If you have an Android device and also a Twitter account, you should know that it appears Twitter is testing out new designs for the Android app. We have all of the latest news about the Twitter testing, and what changes could very well be coming to Android in the next few weeks.

Twitter for Android Testing Redesigns in User Interface

The biggest news is that Twitter is looking to change up the user interface in the Twitter app for Android devices. It was only a few months ago when Twitter updated on Android with a significant change. In April, Twitter decided that the search function should become a tab all by itself. This change of the search bar becoming a tab was pretty cool, and it appears that Twitter is not looking to stop there with the changes.

There seems to be testing going on right now with the app for Android, which focuses on making the user interface look more circular and rounded. There is both an A testing going on and a B testing going on for the Twitter Android app. The new update seems to also include a different navigation drawer as well.

When you look at the new Twitter design for Android, we see that there are changes specifically being made to the icons. Changes to the icons include those for the Direct Message feature as well as the Retweet feature and Like feature. Both the web version of the app and the iOS version of the app are the same, but it is appearing that the Android version will be different than both of them.

Twitter Redesign for Android Coming

You will notice that in the testing for the new redesign, there is a more circular profile image and all of the above mentioned icons are definitely a lot more round. When you look at the icons under the tweets and the icons on the main tab, you will notice they are outlines. This outlined appearance is also part of the Compose a new tweet section. When you retweet something, there will be a heart, but the lines will be green instead.

The navigation drawer is different, with the new design moving away from the regular look. You will notice that there is a lot bigger text now, and everything on the menu is much further apart than it previously was. You will also not be able to see your header image when you are switching accounts on the new Twitter for Android app.

Beyond that, the photo viewer has changed so that the background will be the same colors of the image that you are looking at. The rounder design is also seen within the profile view, and you will notice that the follow button also is much rounder. The overflow menu and the return button are rounded as well. Another part of the Twitter redesign is that when you get a tweet alert, it will be within a circle.

Not everyone has access to the new app update, since this is just in testing phase right now. There is both an A test and a B test going on, with some people having both an A test and B test on their devices. There seems to be more people getting in on these Twitter redesign tests, so they seem to becoming more widespread among users of the social media app. The more widespread the tests are, the more likely it is that Twitter will be revealing the final update sooner than later.

We do not know when the official version of the Twitter app for Android will be released, since we are still in the testing phases of this new update. It is likely to happen within the coming month or so, and it will be launched on Google Play Store for everyone to check out the new redesign. We also do not know yet if this is just a new look for Android, or whether the new rounded icons will become a thing for both the web version and iOS version in the future. Given how it seems the company likes to keep things the same across the board, we probably will see the redesign hitting more than just Android in the near future.