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Twitter Tweetstorm Feature Hits Android App

Nov 16, 2017

You might not have heard about the Twitter tweetstorm feature before, but it has now arrived on Android. This was previously known as a secret hidden feature, which was found back in September by a developer. It appears that the Twitter tweetstorm feature is now no longer hidden as it has rolled out to the Android Twitter app. Read on to learn more about what the Twitter Tweetstorm app can do, and how it can help you become a serial tweeter.

Twitter Tweetstorm Feature Hits Android App

The Android version of Twitter now contains the previously hidden tweetstorm feature. This new feature allows you to essentially write a bunch of tweets and then put them into a queue. You can send them out one by one, which allows you to do what is called a tweetstorm. You will no longer need to type out and send each tweet as an individual post. When this feature was found back in September, it was not activated by Twitter yet. That is why it was considered hidden, since you could not really use it at that point in time.

Now, though, you will be able to send out several tweets in a row by using the tweetstorm feature. You will notice that the Compose section of the Android app looks almost like it did before. If you see the change, you will notice that there is a “Tweet All” button where the avatar used to be. There is also a “+” icon that you will see which is by the character counter. If you click on the “+” icon, you will see that you have the ability to link all of your tweets together. You will be able to edit the tweets still while they are in the queue like this and change them to what you want if you need to.

Twitter Tweetstorm Allows for Multiple Tweets on Android

If you like what your Twitter tweetstorm looks like, you can click on “Tweet All” and then all of these tweets will go out one by one. They will be in the correct order once they are in the queue. If you do not remember what the old Compose screen looks like, the blue Tweet button was just on the right side of the area with the attachment bar.

Your avatar was on the top right section, so the “Tweet All” button should now be in the location of where the avatar was. The best part about this change is that you will still be able to edit the tweets, so you will not have to worry about typing something twice without the ability to fix it. We are still waiting for the edit button once you have sent a tweet, but that is something we have all been complaining about for years. At least there is an edit button while all of the tweets are in the queue, which makes things easier.

Twitter Tweetstorm A Good Feature to Add on Android

We are not sure if this new change to Twitter was a change on the server-side or not. You should probably go ahead and download the alpha Twitter version, 7.24.0, if you for sure want to use this feature. Other people have said that the 7.22.0 version, which is the most stable version of Twitter for Android, does not have this Twitter tweetstorm feature. So it seems like something that is still rolling out or could be just on the alpha version of Twitter for now. We know that many people will really enjoy this new feature, since it will allow you to tweet away without having to click on Tweet every single time.

If you are someone who uses Twitter a lot, especially to write out threads, then this is going to definitely be a good feature to utilize. You can download the alpha Twitter version right now to see if you can get this new feature. Tell us in the comments what you think of the new feature. Are you going to use the tweetstorm feature? Do you think an edit button after sending out your tweet is more important than this new feature? We want to know what you think, so let us know!

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