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4 App Games Based on 4 Gaming Types

Mar 27, 2018

What kind of gamer are you? Do you always find yourself playing the latest puzzle game, or do you only stick to RPGs? Below we’re going to break down four games/sites to check out, based on your gaming profile. Hopefully you’ll find something new to pass the time on your daily commute, or to keep you company while sprawled on the couch on a lazy weekend afternoon.

The Virtual Athlete

Every year we get a new version of the classic NBA2K game that has broken friendships and made legends. This year’s iteration of the game has received a bevy of improvements, including an expansion of career mode and a dynasty feature in association mode.

2K18 has the same great graphics loyal players of the franchise will recognize, as well as some impressive game diversity and full court gameplay that you’ve come to expect from the classic ball game.

Itunes lists the price at 7.99 while Google Play has it for $9.99 for the mobile versions [https://nba.2k.com/mobile/].

The Gambler

Save yourself the trip to the casino. PartyCasino offers about 100 different casino simulation games at the touch of a button. Switch between slots, blackjack, roulette or Melon Madness Deluxe, and more exclusive games you can’t find anywhere else. You can access all the jackpot slots from your phone, making for unparalleled convenience and selection. New players can get a welcome bonus of up to $500 and 20 free spins.

The Role Player

You have to try Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition. The series started all the way back in 1987 with the OG release, and has since produced more than 15 iterations (there are spin offs and sequels, so the XV is a bit of an understatement) of the iconic role-playing game.

The Pocket Edition shrinks everything that makes Final Fantasy amazing into a mobile-friendly version that still manages to capture much of the game’s essential story and appeal. The first chapter is available for free on mobile platforms, and you can buy the full game once your interest has piqued.

The Wordsmith

Maybe you fancy yourself a puzzle master and need to move on from Boggle? Try TypeShift on iOS for free. This new smartphone game was created by Zach Gage and aims to play like a traditional crossword puzzle and anagram game combined. As you play, you alter a series of stacked words. You can also play the Clue Puzzle mode where you hunt for the phrases based on computer clues. It’s free to play over 100 puzzles and daily challenges, and with an in-app purchase you can unlock even more puzzle packs.