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Udupi’s Malpe beach rolled out with free Wi-Fi

Jan 26, 2016

Udupi’s Malpe beach rolled out with free Wi-Fi: The Malpe beach, located in the temple town Udupi, has become the first beach in India to provide free Wi-Fi facilities to its visitors 24×7.

This free Wi-Fi connectivity will be provided by the BSNL Company from 24th January, 2016 (Sunday) onwards. Till now the only limitation is that the visitors can make use of this Wi-Fi connection for 30 minutes per number at a 4G speed, they cannot use the connectivity beyond this limit.

A meeting of the district administration had taken place with the tourism development committee of the Malpe beach and it was in this meeting that the decision to enable free Wi-Fi connectivity was made.

Udupi's Malpe beach rolled out with free Wi-Fi
Udupi’s Malpe beach rolled out with free Wi-Fi

The meeting was held to discuss about the measures which will be undertaken by the tourism development committee to promote tourism in Malpe beach. Therefore, apart from the decision of enabling free Wi-Fi in the area, there were other resolutions also which were taken by the committee. According to Pramod Madhwaraj, Udupi MLA, the Development Committee will make sure that the visitors to the beach get as many facilities as possible along with proper security. He mentioned that to maintain the beach’s cleanliness a sum of Rs 80 lakh will be allotted and Rs 75 lakhs will be spent to purchase a beach cleaning machine.

The beach will now also have watch towers, life guards, watch and wards around to provide security to the visitors, said the MLA. He also said that toilets and parking lots will also be made.

The development work will not stay restricted to the beach area but it will also be extended to the roads which lead to it. Pramod Madhwaraj said that a huge sum of Rs 4-5 crore will be spent in developing these roads so as to improve the beach’s accessibility. The Udupi MLA appreciated the initiative taken by the committee to provide free Wi-Fi and he also said that he will speak to the tourism minister, R V Deshpande, to ensure that the visitors get free Wi-Fi 24×7 instead of just 30 minutes per number cap.

For this Wi-Fi facility the tourism department will be paying a sum of Rs 1 lakh for every three months to the BSNL Company, as told by the deputy commissioner, R Vishal, in the meeting of the committee.

According to reports, the Reliance Company had also shown interest in this endeavor of providing free Wi-Fi in the Malpe beach. But, according to R Vishal, the company failed to give any proper written notice to the committee and therefore their offer was not accepted. As of now, the tourism committee of the Malpe beach has made an arrangement with the BSNL Company and will accept the offer of the Reliance Company as and when they get it.

This initiative taken by the tourism committee of Malpe beach is an effective way to promote tourism in the beach. After the 30 minute per number limitation is removed and the Wi-Fi is made available for 24×7 then this beach will soon become more popular than it currently is.