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UEFA Euro EA Sports PES 2016 Fotball Game Review

Apr 21, 2016

UEFA Euro EA Sports PES 2016 Fotball Game Review: Form the longest time, the EA Sports has dominated the world with a number of branded football games. With the standalone versions like the UEFA Euro 2012 the expansion for FIFA 12 and 2014’s FIFA World Cup Brazil. To appeal to wider user of base the video of gaming giant has given them an arcade flavour. On the horizon in 2016, with the UEFA Euro, this is the first time when Konami has gotten a chance to try its hand for creating something exciting and fun for fans of Pro Evolution Soccer i.e. PES with the PES 2016’s UFEA Euro 2016 the expansion pack.UEFA Euro EA Sports PES 2016

UEFA Euro EA Sports PES 2016 Fotball Game Review

The results are quite mixed. Just over the half of the European member nations are present, and 10 are unlicensed out of those. So you will not be able to see your favourite players in the game. From the 34 available teams you can choose your favourite and then pick a fight in the international friendly that too in the Exhibition mode or just begin your quest for the European glory in the Cup mode. Of course the friendly games are as straightforward as they do come and on the other side the Cup mode allows for a bit of customization. So as to increase the number of action in games and also aside from allowing you to play with your friends in the co-op you can easily increase the number of teams in the tournament that will be user controlled

While in the variety of game modes on offer the game somehow disappoints. There is nothing to do in the new expansion apart from the aforementioned two modes. With the cup mode the all you will get in terms of play time are four knockout fixtures and some group stages, this also includes the final. By playing it with more teams you can theoretically increase it but you will have to end up by picking up one country over the other beyond the stages of group. In France, for this Summer tournament, Konami has decided to create over the stadium out of the ten venues in the form of 81,000 seater Stade de France.UEFA Euro EA Sports PES 2016 Game

When you compare it with FIFA games the experience you will get its quite a let down. By providing all the eight venues for the UEFA Euro 2012 expansion for the FIFA 12 the EA Sports has tried to achieve the distance in ensuring that you will felt like you are playing in the host nation’s stadia.

The best feature of UEFA Euro 2016 DLC’s is that it will cost nothing for the owners of Pro Evolution Soccer 20116. In the menus there are a bit of eye candy, that are modeled after the colours of French tournament, which was basically translates to a whole a lot of blue. To highlight the big moment, the game depends on a single branded video like the start of the competition and qualifying from the group stages.

It’s still PES 2016 saves Konami’s Euro 2016 DLC. There is the great fast paced football simulator that will produces enjoyable matches over and over and will definitely forces you to very creative in creating the goal scoring opportunities. PES franchise has never known before its whistles and bells but yes if you are looking for an afternoon full of the European national team action game then this will bare minimum content will serve you very well.

As for the unlicensed squads concern, you can always depend on PES highly active community, which will definitely sure to deliver the complete and updated squads to go with the highly detailed kits, textures and bodies that are replete with tattoos. While the PC users can easily mod their game files and not the everyone will have the equal access to the user generated content.UEFA Euro EA Sports PES 2016 Fotball Game

For the PlayStation, Konami is giving the Euro 2016 DLC a retail, that is pretty much like an old book that is wrapped in a new skin.  There is a huge ready made market for the tournament themed games and EA’s efforts are never had been extraordinary because they had already done quite well in the past.

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  • Option to increase a number of teams in Cup mode
  • Free of cost
  • Based on PES 2016, which is very great


  • The little new content is half baked
  • Just two ways to play
  • Unlicensed teams have outdated squads