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Ulysses 17 Adds Keyword Management & More on iOS App

Aug 23, 2019

We’ve learned that there’s a new Ulysses update that is rolling out right now for iOS, which brings the current version to 17. In the Ulysses 17 update there are a few new features that we wanted to tell you about. A lot of the added features in this update were ones that had been requested previously and have finally made it onto the app. Keep reading to learn more details about what you’ll find in the Ulysses 17 update for iOS.

Ulysses 17 Brings In-Depth Keyword Management Feature

The first feature we wanted to tell you about in Ulysses 17 is the keyword management feature. It will be hitting macOS in the Spring, so this feature right now is only for those on the iOS app. With keyword management, you will be able to delete or edit your keywords. Not only that, but you also can take many different keywords and merge them into a single keyword.

There is the ability to customize colors as well, which is pretty cool. You also will be able to favorite some of your most frequently used keywords, which makes it much easier to access whenever you need them. Another part of the keyword management feature is the ability to sync across various devices and platforms. You can sync both iOS and macOS regardless of when you use the keywords or which keywords you use.

Ulysses 17 Brings Four Additional Export Styles & Formats

There was already an ability to export to a DOCX or PDF, but now there are four additional export styles that you can use including review, business, manuscript, and academica. The review format is there so that you can edit on the paper and business allows you to format your strategy and reports. If you need lecture notes that is what you would use academica for and the manuscript is all about getting your work properly formatted for publishing.

There is also an ability to see the image captions from within the previews of the images. You will see the preview image captions options within the DOCX and PDF export option as well as within the editor itself. If you are on an iPad, you will also notice that the full-screen mode has been revamped to allow you to view the text right in the center of the screen. Of course, the usual bug fixes and general improvements are also found in this new version.

How to Get Ulysses 17 Update Today

You can download the latest Ulysses update right now via Apple’s App Store, and it should be rolling out this week to those with the app installed on their device. If you have a Mac, you can head to the Mac App Store to download Ulysses, although remember the newest updates and features won’t be rolling out to macOS until Spring.

You will only have a 14-day free trial of Ulysses and then after that, you will need to pay a monthly subscription fee. The monthly plan is $4.99 but you can get the yearly subscription for $39.99, which is a way better deal. If you are a student, you will be able to get Ulysses for six-months at the low price of $11.99 which is a huge savings compared to the normal price of the app. You will be able to get this discount from inside of the app itself if that’s what you want to select.