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Ulysses 21 iOS Update Adds Enhanced Grammar & Style Check Options

Oct 8, 2020

If you are into writing, then you’ve probably heard about Ulysses before since it’s one of the most popular apps out there for both writing and editing. We’ve just learned that a new update was released for iOS, which brings us to Ulysses 21.

In this new update, you’ll find enhanced grammar and style check options. This is great news for those on Mac, iPad, and the iPhone. We know that it’s going to help improve your writing and editing substantially with these added features. Read on to learn more about the update to this incredible app and what options are now available for you to use.

Advanced Style & Grammar Check Options Available in Ulysses 21 Update

As you’ve probably heard about before if you’re into writing and editing on your iOS device, Ulysses is one of the best apps out there to use. A new update was just released for this app bringing it to version 21, and there are many improvements in this update. You’ll notice that both the style check and grammar check have been greatly enhanced. There are now more advanced options available for style check and grammar check that will make editing so much easier than ever before.

In the update, Revision Mode has been added and it was released for Mac before the iPhone and iPad. With Revision Mode coming to iOS, you’ll have the advanced style and grammar check options available to you. This means that when you use Ulysses on iOS, you’re going to see the grammar errors contained in your writing content. This includes capitalization errors, semantics, typography, redundancy, and punctuation errors.

There is now also the ability to see style errors, which was something you didn’t have access to before on the iOS version of the app. Revision mode allows you to review your text and see where your errors are located for easy editing right in the app itself. You can preview your content and the comments you’ll see will allow you to fix any mistakes or errors that will improve your writing tenfold.

Ulysses 21 Update for iOS Brings Interface Design Changes

Beyond the new Revision Mode with the grammar and style checker, you will also notice a change in the user interface design. The new design is more in line with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. With the style changes, it’s also more like the Mac version of Ulysses. This means that the menus are compact and you have the sidebar that is similar to the Mac sidebar.

You might have already used these new features since they have been available on Mac for a while now. It was back in Mac version 20 where Mac users received the Revision Mode and the enhanced grammar and style check. What’s really cool is that all of the grammar suggestions you’ll now see in this app are available in over 20 languages.

These language alternatives are found in the Mac version and now are also found in the iPhone and iPad versions of the app. That means you can now write in a lesser-known language if you want. With this update, the odds are that Ulysses will have suggestions on your work in that language.

Are You Currently a Ulysses 21 User & What Do You Think of These Improvements?

The new Ulysses 21 update was just released this week and it’s not a free app that you can just download and use. While technically, it’s free to download the app from Apple’s App Store, if you want to actually use the app you will need to pay.

You can pay a monthly subscription fee of $5.99 or you can purchase a 12-month subscription for $49.99. This new update just dropped on October 6. You can manually download the update if it hasn’t hit your device yet. We are anxious to know what you think about this new update if you’ve had a chance to use it this week.

Are you someone that was currently using Ulysses for all of your writing needs on your iOS or Mac device? Is this the first time you’ve heard about Ulysses and will you check it out? What did you like most about this new update for iOS? Have you been waiting for this app to get the advanced style and grammar check options?

Since these great features have been released in Ulysses 21, are you more likely to use this app for all of your writing needs? Do you like how the cross-platform ability of this app allows you to write when and where you want? What other features are you looking forward to in future app updates? Lastly, do you think anything needs changed in this app or improved upon for it to work better for all of your writing needs?