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Universal Icons Included in Redesign of Spotify iOS App

Mar 2, 2020

There’s a new Spotify iOS app update that has started to roll out this week and it’s all focused on redesigned buttons. The change has to do with using buttons and universal icons over the written word icons. If you use the app regularly, you will immediately notice the changes and it should make the experience better overall. We have all of the latest details regarding the changes in the Spotify iOS app so keep reading to learn all about those changes.

Universal Icons Replace Written Words in Spotify iOS App Update

A new Spotify iOS app update has already started to roll out to users, and the biggest change you’ll notice is a redesign to the various icons and indicators in the app. The various buttons are now visual showing you features such as shuffle, but using only universal icons.

If you’ve been around any kind of entertainment app or product before, then you’ll recognize all of the visual indicators and icons. The words have all been replaced with this icon buttons so it’s more universal to people all over the world. People that don’t know English likely would have had issues using Spotify before since everything was done with written words.

Now, people from all backgrounds and regions will be able to use the app without any confusion as to what the buttons mean since it’s just a visual image. The first of the redesign changes you’ll notice is the “Shuffle/Play” button. This used to have words on it, but now it’s just a green button that has icons of both shuffle and play.

Universal Icons Will Make Spotify iOS App Much Easier to Use

Since there are no words telling you “Shuffle/Play” you’ll have an easier time using the app since you just will need to click the button with those icons. It’s going to make the app much easier to use, but that’s not the only change in this latest update we wanted to tell you about. All of the other icons that were previously on the app are still there but have changed locations.

If you are a Spotify Premium user, then you will also notice a change with the “Download” and “Play” icons. You’ll find the play button as well as the download and like buttons are all grouped together in the center of the screen. This will be all in the same row so it’s going to be easy to like or download songs since the icons are all right there.

The app is also going to be easier to use one-handed now since a new icon will appear for you to download and listen without having to use Wi-Fi. If you use the Podcasts part of Spotify, you should recognize the download for later option. It does have a new icon now and it’s great for people who sometimes lack Wi-Fi and still would like to listen to their favorite music.

Spotify iOS App Update Brings Cover Art to Most Views as Universal Icons Take Over

As the universal icons take over the worded parts of the Spotify iOS app, there’s also a change with the cover art. You’ll now see the individual tracks have cover art showing up in almost every view. The only view that will not contain the cover art for the tracks is the “Album” view, which makes sense when you think about it. This will make things much easier for you as a user in terms of helping you find songs that you’d like to check out.

There’s also a heart icon which are the songs you’ve liked and you will see the track name right next to this heart icon. Some users have already had the heart icon next to the tracks for a little bit now, but this change should be rolling out to everyone now.

If all of these changes sound interesting to you, then you need to check out the newest Spotify iOS app update in order to begin using them. This update should be rolling out this week to all users, meaning both the free and Premium Spotify users should see these changes. Once you’ve had a chance to check out the universal icons and other changes, we want you to come back here and tell us what you think about these changes. Does using the universal icons make the app easier for you to use? What other changes are you hoping to see in future Spotify updates?