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Updated Pokémon GO is now Live: These are The Biggest Changes for Players

Jun 23, 2017

The new Pokémon GO Gyms have now opened up their doors, after an “under construction” period of a couple of days. The new Pokémon GO Gyms can now also be used as Pokéstops. This means that you can get new items at Gyms as well. Pokémon GO Gyms now also allow you to only place one of the same Pokémon in it. This means that Gyms in Pokémon GO can no longer be filled up with multiple Dragonites and Blisseys. There are multiple new changes introduced in the Pokémon GO update. In this article, we will take a look at those changes.

Mixed Opinions about Pokémon GO Update

There are mixed opinions about the new Pokémon GO update. Some people find the new update to improve the Pokémon GO experience, while others dislike it. It is true, you will now have to learn a new set of rules. All in all, most people agree that battles have become less frustrating. They are simply faster, and the progress of the battles are more obvious. If your opponent’s heart is empty, you will have beaten your opponent.

The new Gym system is pretty smart, but there is one major con. You are no longer able to keep a Gym for a long period of time. Other tricks will also have to be discovered with the Pokémon GO update. If you played Pokémon GO just to catch Pokémon, nothing has really changed for you.

Pokémon GO Gyms Updated

The Gyms in Pokémon GO are locations where you can place your Pokémon into, and other players can battle against them. The new Gym system has been completely renewed, and is aiming to remove some of the frustrations of battling. For example, a Gym can no longer be filled up with one of a kind Pokémon.

Even though the Gyms in Pokémon GO are now live, there are still some features that are not available yet.You can battle and defend a Gym, earn Gym bonuses and give Pokémon to yourself and your teammate. However, Raids are not online yet, which means that you are going to have to wait for that feature for a while.

Maximum of 6 Pokémon in Gyms

First of all, only a maximum of 6 Pokémon can be placed into a Gym. When you visit a Gym, you will immediately see the Team Color, as well as the Pokémon that are in that Gym. If there are less than 6 Pokémon in the Gym, and you belong in the same Team, you can add Pokémon of your own into the Gym. Simply tap on the “plus” button to add one, or more, of your own Pokémon to the Gym.

No Identical Pokémon in Gyms

Another important change to Gyms in Pokémon GO is that you can no longer place the same Pokémon into a Gym. Previously, Gyms were often filled with the same strong Pokémon, like Dragonites or Blisseys. This would make them very difficult to beat, and therefore difficult to take over. When you go to a Gym in Pokémon GO now, you will see that all of the Pokémon are different from one another. If you want to take over the Gym, you will battle them in the order that they have been placed into the Gym. It is no longer based on their CP anymore.

No Instant Coins Anymore

After placing Pokémon into a Gym, you will no longer be able to immediately collect coins. You will need to hold a Gym for at least an hour to even start earning something. There is no longer a green button at the top-right corner of shops where you can claim your coins. The system where you had to wait for nearly a day to collect some coins has also been removed. According to different sources, you will now earn 1 coin per hour of holding a Gym. If you’re beating within 30 minutes of taking over a Gym, you will not receive a reward at all.

No Gym Camping Anymore

The latest update has brought some bad news for people that used to camp Gyms. If you used to travel to remote places to take over Gyms, just to earn coins for weeks on end, this is no longer possible. The new Pokémon GO update also includes the so-called Motivation Meter. As soon as you place a Pokémon into a Gym, the Motivation Meter will appear, in the shape of a heart. During the time that a Pokémon is present at a Gym, the Motivation Meter will slowly deplete. In case there is a battle, the Motivation Meter will go down even faster.

The Motivation Meter makes it easier for your opponent to defeat a strong Gym, as the Pokémon will slowly get weaker by their motivation. Even without getting attacked, the Motivation Meter will sharply fall within only a couple of hours. As soon as the motivation is completely gone, the Pokémon will return to their original trainer. This will open up spots in the Gym, allowing other players to place their Pokémon into it. If you do not actively visit the Gym that you have placed Pokémon into, you will no longer be able to hold that Gym.

Using Berries to Keep Gyms

Fortunately, there is something that you can do to keep the motivation of your Pokémon up. You can give them Berries, which you can do by visiting the Gym that you have Pokémon in. This is why it is preferable that you choose Gyms that are actually close to you. This allows you to visit the Gym on a regular basis. You can also help the Pokémon of your teammates by giving them Berries. Gifting the Pokémon of teammates will reward you with extra Candy and Stardust. You can feed Pokémon with Nanab Berries, Pinap Berries and Razz Berries.

Because of the update to the Gyms in Pokémon GO, you can no longer leave your Pokémon in Gyms located in remote places. You will have to return to those Gyms on a regular basis, simply because you have to restore the motivation of your Pokémon. Since you are going to need a lot of Berries, Pokémon GO now offers a bag extension of 1500 items. This used to be 1000 items, before the update was released. You can buy the bag extension at the shop.

Earn Gym Badges

You can now earn more badges by playing a lot around Gyms in Pokémon GO. Those badges will show how good you are when it comes to taking care of Gyms. In a way, it is a reward system that allows you to show off to your friends. You can upgrade your badges by battling in Gyms, as well as feeding Berries to your Gym Pokémon.

Feeding the Gym Pokémon of your teammates will also upgrade your own badges. By improving your badges, you will get more bonus items and rewards. If you live near a Gym, it can be rewarding to actually take care of the Pokémon of your teammates. If you don’t, they will become weaker, and the Gym will be easily taken over by an enemy team.

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