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Who Should Use Secure Texting Apps?

May 16, 2018

The need of a secure texting app rises in many industries and professions where data compliance and safety standard requirements are high. This is especially true of the medical profession which complies with HIPAA regulations. These apps help ensure that texts are kept secure. As many professionals exchange information regarding client or customer information, confidentiality is a requirement that gains highest priority in this aspect.

Features of secure texting apps

Medical professionals need to ensure that online and mobile applications that they use are HIPAA compliant. Hence, not only is a secure texting app a requirement for such professionals, but they need to use apps that comply with the regulations set by HIPAA. Secure texting apps that are HIPAA compliant would provide the following features:

  • Such apps can be used by medical professionals to communicate to and from between their mobile and computer.
  • They can receive information that is confidential or patient data over secure texting.
  • Such texts can substitute for formal communication as well. There are features like delivery notification, read receipts which confirm that messages have been delivered or read which remove the need for follow up or phone tagging features.
  • The secure texting apps also come with features like the lifespan of messages, message recall, remote wipe which can help remove sensitive data and eliminate any threat of data being compromised if a mobile device is lost or stolen.
  • Secure texting apps integrate with corporate directories that allow administrators to be able to manage accessibility and set up user relations of the network.
  • Administrators can audit logs and conduct risk management analyses to ensure that the apps used for testing by professionals in an organization are compliant with HIPAA.

Besides security and compliant advantages, secure texting can help enhance workflows and productivity of employees in an organization. With secure and fast communication through such apps patients can be managed in the medical world and communication between medical practitioners remains fast and cost-effective.

What are HIPAA compliant texting apps?

Even though the secure messaging apps showcase similar features, not all are declared to be HIPAA compliant texting app. Hence, it is necessary to check for HIPAA compliance before choosing an app for medical professionals in a given network. HIPAA compliance in such apps would require ePHI or electronic protected health information protocols to be followed. This safeguards the flow of information between users as authorized on the network. With such protocols in place, it becomes a secure alternative for medical professionals to send across text messages instead of using usual text message applications.

HIPAA compliant apps for texting which follow ePHI protocol can be audited by system administrators. They can audit the access controls and how data is transmitted in order to ensure compliance as with HIPAA regulations.

These apps not only ensure that the sensitive communication stays safe, but also offer other useful features such as functionality across multiple platforms and other helpful features that can enhance productivity, workflow which in turn helps to raise the standards in the healthcare of patients.