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Vacation planning tool for mobile launched by Google

Mar 10, 2016

Vacation planning tool for mobile launched by Google: After witnessing a spike by 50% in regard to travel related questions on mobile devices, Google has launched a vacation planning tool, called ‘Destination’, for smartphones which is an easier, simpler and a convenient way for holidaymakers to plan their vacation.Destinations-for-Google

Vacation planning tool for mobile launched by Google

This tool is a one stop vacation planning tool which provides all the information to the users in relation to their destination or vacation. The tool suggest the users the best time of the year to go for a vacation, the best time to visit the destination and it also helps the users in planning their budget by giving them updated information about the travel expenses.

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The destinations have been designed especially for mobile users and in a single search it generates all the results. When the users type the name of the city or country where they wish to travel, followed by the words “destination” or “vacation”, the tool displays all the information about the flight and hotel options available for that place. The tool also shows the updated airfares and hotel rates over the next six months which makes it all the more easier for the travelers to find the best rates and accordingly plan their estimated expenses.

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Not only does the tool provides the basic travelling information like hotel rates and flight rates, but it also gives the details about the expected weather condition of the destination and it also tells the users the time when the place will be most popular. Google has acquired this information on the basis of past visits and post weather pattern. These details will help the travelers to avoid crowds and it also gives them prior knowledge about the weather condition of their destination so that they can avoid bad weather.

The Destination pages often come with two tabs. The first tab helps the users to discover the entire location through pictures, videos, descriptions and most importantly via itineraries. The other tab contains information regarding travel and stay, which helps the users to book their hotels and flight by providing them with the combined price of the two services.