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Valkyria Chronicles Remastered PlayStation Game Review

May 24, 2016

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered PlayStation Game Review: Remasters are the dime dozen of this generation. From the big hits such as the Uncharted trilogy to cult the classics like the Gravity rush, publishers of video game have spread no attempt to harness the demands of nostalgia, so they can easily make a quick buck and in the backdrop comes Valkyria Chronicles Remastered.Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Game Review


– Valkyria Chronicles looks like a painting in the motion and it has third-person shooter elements.

– This game is the strategy game for the PS4

– In a period of war there is a mature storyline set.

When it was released in 2008, it was a title that did not garner as much of the attention as its developer Sega would have hoped for as the PS3 exclusive and if you were among the rare few that managed to play it, then you would have realized that it was the  hidden gem.

In the fictional country of Galia the game takes place. In the middle of the two warring states it is the small nation square as the Atlantic Federation and East European Imperial Alliance. You will control the Squad 7 and its key members, Alicia Melchiott and Welkin Gunther and its many soldiers to drive the invaders out and to liberate Gallia. To borrow a lot real-life conflict there is an interesting plot. Themes such as the racism are on the display and how such barriers break down as the squad-mates gel with each other is very interesting to say the least. Without spoiling much, Valkyrie Chronicles Remastered’s narrative is as good as it was in the first time around.Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

By its unique blend of third-person shooting this is a complemented, strategy elements and role-playing. To fill up your squad you will have to select the soldiers that too with their own weaknesses, preferences and strengths and then you will command them in the battlefield. Combat is where its third-person action chops to show by giving you the immediate control of your character, who has the set number of moves available.

For most of the part it works quite well. You will find a very little that gets in the way of action and it takes place across varied locales such as town and deserts to ensure that combat never goes stale. There is a welcome improvement over the original as the game maintains the consistent 60 frames per second at 1080p so thanks to the extra horsepower of the PS4.Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

These improvements also amplify the visuals. The Valkyrie Chronicles Remastered’s unique cel shaded looks that every frame seems like the hand drawn painting in the motion. Due to this shrewd choice in the art direction the mature tone of its story is made palpable. Only very little is out of the place and it gives the game a rather anime-like quality.

In terms of the technical performance, there is no difference in the content and obvious performance but the first release’s notorious difficulty spikes are still present. It means that with the opening missions that will get you acquainted with its battle system, you will get eased into the game. However, then it will catch you off guard with the rather difficult level that is near to impossible to beat without a walkthrough. It alternates between the hard-fought and with easy battles, once you are through that then you will be rewarded.Valkyria Chronicles Remastered PlayStation Review

But there is nothing in the way of extras. There are no game modifiers, no photo mode and not even the features to enhance such as the OST. Of course unless you count the art book that comes with Indian and European variant of the game. This is on the leaner side, as far as remasters go. Considering it retails for Rs. 1,499 when it hits in next week, right now it also makes it one of the cheaper remasters.

There is a smart gameplay element, fantastic narrative and some fresh presentation that make it a must checking out despite the lack of the extra features and above game and its DLC.


  • Fresh visual design
  • Smart approach to gameplay
  • Engrossing narrative.


  • Old difficulty spikes exist
  • Does not come with any extra features
  • Ratings (out of 10): 9