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Valve Removes 173 Spam Games from Steam

Oct 1, 2017

In some very interesting news coming out of Steam today, Valve has apparently removed nearly 200 games that were on Steam. These games were what Valve called spam games, and most of them come from one developer. Valve ended up removing 173 games from Steam, and all of them were actually tied in one way or another to Silicon Echo or Zonitron. This was a game developer that was infamous on Steam for publishing cheap games.

Valve Removes All Silicon Echo Associated Games from Steam

The 173 games that Valve removed from Steam all came from this Silicon Echo game developer in one way or another. This particular game developer would push out massive amounts of fake or cheap games and take popular parts of real games to put into the cheap games.

Silicon Echo was able to get all of these cheap games through onto Steam using the new Steam Direct Service. The games would be submitted at the same time using one application. Almost 100 cheap games were published onto Steam by Silicon Echo in just the past couple months.

The biggest pushback to Silicon Echo is that it would make these games that would use the Steam Trading Card System. Valve has been pushing back on the Steam Trading Card System for a while now, claiming that fake games are a huge issue with the Trading Cards. Valve released a statement talking about how Silicon Echo was publishing under many names, including Zonitron. Valve finally had enough of the fake and cheap games that were being pushed out and removed all of the associated games.

Valve Removes Nearly 200 Cheap Games from Steam

Valve said that many accounts were being used by this developer and that caused headaches for the players on Steam. There were games that were being shipped out in massive quantities which were all nearly the game. This made it hard for the players to find good games to play and had impacted the Steam Store overall in terms of functionality. Valve said that the Steam Keys were also being abused by the game developer. Not only that, but the developer was also misrepresenting itself on Steam, specifically by going under multiple accounts.

Valve said that it is because of those reasons the 173 games were removed. Valve also said that the business relationship between Steam and the developer also is now over. When you spam these cloned games and use the store tools illicitly, you are breaking rules and it will not be tolerated. While Steam might seem like it is up and running very well, there are actually a ton of spam games on steam right now. It seems that the spam is worse than ever before. That hurts the legitimate games because they never become more than a small blip on the radar.

The Impact of Spam Games on Valve

Those that use Steam are not able to find these actual fun and interesting games because they cannot make it above the spam. The biggest issue is that Valve has let Steam get this out of control in the first place. Banning some of the spam games is definitely a good way to begin the process.

Valve is going to have a lot of work ahead though to get all of these spam games off of Steam and get the Steam Store back under control. Only time will tell whether or not Valve can get ahead of all of the spam games on Steam. As of right now, it appears the spam games are winning while the legitimate games are left in the dust and being unfairly treated.