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Valve Removes Active Shooter from Steam After Uproar

Jun 2, 2018

Active Shooter, the game that depicts a school shooting situation, has been removed from Steam by Valve. This comes not too long after the game launched and the uproar began due to it being about such a divisive topic right now. In Active Shooter, you could choose to be the police, the shooter or a civilian.

Obviously, this just has not gone over well after the recent school shootings. Apparently, the game first was a SWAT team simulation, and with recent updates, the ability to play as the school shooter was added in. We have all of the details about Valve removing Active Shooter from Steam and what this might mean moving forward on the PC gaming platform.

Valve Removes Active Shooter from Steam As Outrage Continues

Active Shooter has caused quite a bit of controversy lately, since the update added the ability to play as the school shooter. In the game, there was even a counter tally on the screen that showed how many cops and civilians you have killed. Some people have accused the developer, Revived Games, as trying to capitalize on tragedy, since there have been a few school shootings recently. Most notable out of the recent school shootings was the Parkland school shooting in Florida.

People were outraged over Active Shooter since it seemed to be making light of the school shooting situation, encouraging a high kill count of both civilians and cops. Valve has finally heard enough outcry from the public and others, and decided to pull Active Shooter from Steam. Valve also released a statement saying that the company is no longer doing business with the developer Revived Games. Even the publisher, ACID, was removed from Steam as well, and Valve has discontinued that relationship too.

Active Shooter Removed from Steam as Developer Faces Scrutiny

The developer and publisher is someone who has called himself Ata Berdivev, and this person was both Interactive and Elusive Team. You might not recognize those names, but you would recognize a game that was put out under one of the names, which was Piccled Ricc. We talked about that game before since it was super popular but also controversial. Piccled Ricc was removed last year from Steam due to legal reasons including copyright violation.

This was a game based on Rick and Morty, which is a super popular adult cartoon. While the game was not exactly like Rick and Morty, it was close enough that the game was removed due to the copyright violation. This particular developer was also known for the game Fidget Spinner Simulator 2, which is another game you probably have heard of before.

Active Shooter Release on Steam Not Happening According to Valve

The more interesting part about all of this is that Active Shooter was not officially launched on Steam yet. This game had a final release date of June 6, but Valve said that is just not happening. The game has been removed and any launch that is upcoming has since been scrapped by Valve. The developer is known for making games that are crass and it does not matter the subject matter. While most of the time, the games were just cringe-worthy or not politically correct. Active Shooter however, people are claiming goes way beyond crass into an unacceptable territory.

Valve even went so far as to call the developer a troll, who is known for doing nothing but putting out copyrighted content and engages in review manipulation. Valve then went onto say that the company will not be doing business with someone such as this developer.

That is due to how he acts towards all of the customers. There are a ton of other games on Steam that do glorify violence and dark subject matters, so what makes Active Shooter so different? For some people, removing Active Shooter is yet another indication of how Valve does not maintain consistent rules on Steam for all developers.

Did Valve just cave to pressure here because of the outcry of it being a school shooting scenario? People are now wondering where Valve really draws the line and how that line is crossed. Tell us what you think about this news in the comments below. Are you happy that Active Shooter was removed from Steam? Do you think Valve is making the right call or does this just make things more confusing on what is allowed on Steam?