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Valve Wants You to Use Same Phone Number for DOTA 2 as Steam in New Warning System

Sep 24, 2019

The new DOTA 2 update has arrived on Steam, but players might not be happy with a new warning system that they’ll see when they load up the game again. There’s a new warning system being implemented on Steam.

Valve is hoping will help with the matchmaking feature of DOTA 2. The matchmaking feature in DOTA 2 has had some issues and now Valve is doing something different in an effort to clean up the mess. Read on to learn more about this new DOTA 2 update on Steam and the changes that Valve is making.

Valve Asking Players of DOTA 2 to use Same Phone Number as Steam Account

A new phone verification request is coming down from Valve for those who play DOTA 2 through Steam. Valve is now asking you to use the same phone number for DOTA 2 as you use for your normal Steam account in a new phone verification system. This is a warning system that’s asking in a rather pushy manner for this phone number change to happen.

Steam asks you for a phone number as part of a verification system so that your Steam account can be linked to your smartphone. Valve wants you to get notifications when someone is trying to login to your Steam account, which helps protect the user from someone trying to hack into your Steam account.

Valve likes the two-step verification process because it protects gamers and allows you to see if someone is incorrectly typing in your password. In a new update to DOTA 2, the request is being made for you to link the same phone number that you use for your regular Steam account.

New Phone Verification Request for DOTA 2 Aims to Fix Matchmaking Problems

Valve wants to fix the matchmaking issues on DOTA 2, which is why this request for the same phone number is happening. DOTA 2 wants you to use the same phone number as your Steam account in order to verify those players that are using the ranked matchmaking feature.

You will now be blacklisted from the ranked modes of the game if you are found to be breaking the terms of service Steam has put together. This could be anything from a very low behavior score, improperly boosting your MMR to gain an unfair advantage over others, and a number of other violations of the terms of service.

With this new warning system Valve put together, Valve can now automatically detect if you are breaking the terms of service and automatic bans will happen to those players. As for the new phone number verification, the phone number will then be locked so that the player cannot get into their DOTA 2 account. This means that once that number has been locked, you will no longer be able to get into the ranked matchmaking system.

DOTA 2 Wants Your Phone Number for Verification to Prevent Toxic Players

There are a few issues with the new phone number verification request, but the main goal is to prevent toxic players from continuing to play DOTA 2. Players looking to take advantage of DOTA 2 matchmaking and other games usually have burner phones. Other people tend to use various kinds of software that will automatically generate a phone number that’s unused. This is one way people can get around automatic bans or blocks.

Valve wants to try to prevent this from happening by pushing you to use the same phone number for DOTA as you use for Steam in general. You will see a warning message if you use the burner phone technique, which reads that the phone number you entered is not the same as your Steam account. The message will then go onto say that you need to associate your real phone number with DOTA 2.

We’ve learned that there’s no penalty at this point if you don’t match your phone number on DOTA 2 with the phone number associated with your Steam account. While there’s no penalty right now for this, we expect that in the near future Valve will issue penalties if those numbers aren’t the same.

Valve wants you to link your phone numbers so pushing for this means that something bigger is likely coming down the road. This is a warning as of right now, and we will keep you updated on if or when Valve releases the penalty information for people who choose not to link their numbers.