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Valve Working on Steam Spy Replacement

Jul 5, 2018

Cool news coming out of Valve this week as it was revealed the company is working on a Steam Spy replacement. This information came out during a Questions & Answers session in St. Petersburg, Russia, where the games industry conference was held. The fact that Valve is working on a replacement for Steam Spy is great news. We have all of the latest details on the possible Steam Spy replacement so keep reading to learn more.

Steam Spy Replacement Coming According to Valve

Valve made it known that it was developing new tools which will be the equivalent of Steam Spy, but much better. The new tools in development will have more useful information and will be a lot more accurate than what Steam Spy was. This all came about during a Questions & Answers section in Russia during a games industry conference. The event itself was called the White Nights 18 event, and Jan Peter Ewert from Valve was in attendance.

It was during this event that the Questions & Answers section occurred and the Steam Spy news was revealed. Valve said that it was working on the new replacement for Steam Spy, which would have similar tools, although they would be much better. Developers did use a lot of the Steam Spy tools available because it helped them understand the Steam marketplace. That is why everyone is so excited for a replacement to become available, since it helps the game developers and the Steam users.

Valve Acknowledges a Steam Spy Replacement is Needed

While we do not know specific details of what Valve has in store, Valve did acknowledge that a replacement to Steam Spy was needed. Valve did admit that right now, it did not offer the amount of tools that it should be for the developers or community. The public application program interfaces do allow for the community to step in though. In this application program interface, there are a lot of tools that the community has provided. This is done using various APIs, and Steam Spy filled the void that Valve tools lacked in terms of use for the community.

The real answer to the question was that Valve is working on new tools that will help get the various Steam data out to the developers. Valve also did say that the tools that the company is creating are going to be more useful and accurate than what Steam Spy was like. Steam Spy is funded right now through Patreon, and it was used by journalists, the gaming community as a whole, and developers.

When Steam Spy was basically rendered useless by Valve, this created a situation where essential information was no longer available or useful to those developers or the community. It appears that Valve is looking into making a product similar to Steam Spy, which was why the recent changes have rendered it to be pretty useless.

Steam Spy Replacement Release Not Yet Known

We do not have a lot of other information about the replacement for Steam Spy yet. Hopefully, since it is Valve putting it together, there will be many more useful tools. Developers and the gaming community as a whole really did find the data useful on Steam Spy.

Since it appears that Valve is currently working on new tools, we hope that it will be released within the next several months. There is no estimated date for this to be released, but we hope it is soon. There are a lot of ideas about what the Valve version could look like or tools that could be available. Valve has not released any of this information, but speculation and hopes are already being talked about online.

In the comments below, tell us if you had used Steam Spy in the past. Did you find the data and information useful to you? What were the most useful tools and features available in Steam Spy? Do you hope that Valve will make newer tools available for you to utilize? What do you hope Valve adds to the replacement for Steam Spy? Let us know your feelings on the new Steam Spy tools that Valve intends on bringing to market in the comments below.

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