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Viber New Update 5.6 Brings More Features to Android and iOS

Oct 14, 2015

There are quite a few changes coming along with the newest update to Viber, which is now at version 5.6. If you have never heard of Viber before, it is a social app with both instant messaging and Voice over IP capabilities that is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

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Within the past few months, Viber, which was developed by Viber Media, has released quite a few new updates, and all of these new updates have gone over fairly smoothly for both platforms. The newest version is 5.6, which was just released, and there are a ton of new features available.

While we will tell you about the five newest updates to Viber here in a couple minutes, we need to first talk about just how successful the Viber application is. In April 2015, it was figured that there were 249 million people who were using Viber on a daily basis, and that number is constantly going up. In February 2014 for instance, there was only 100 million users who were active on the site, so there is definitely some growth going on, and this is also while there have been more updates to this application within the past year. While Android and iOS might be the most common operating systems running Viber, it can also be ran on BlackBerry OS, Series 40, Bada, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Symbian. If you are interested in knowing, there is also a Viber for Linux as well, in the 64-bit version, and it comes in both .rpm and .deb.

When you sign up for Viber, you get a personal phone number, and then you can login either from your smartphone or your computer. When you use Viber, you can send messages that contain both text messages, contacts, recent calls, and the keypad, and there is also more options found within another button on the screen. The developers of Viber have been focusing more on improving the application for Android devices, since that is the most commonly used system for the application. It is now estimated that over 606 million people are using Viber, either through the mobile version or the computer version, with the largest base of customers being out of Asia.

Even the the developers have been focusing more on Android in terms of new features and updates, the newest version 5.6 is available for both Android and iOS devices. The new version of Viber was just rolled out this week and it is completely free to download on both iTunes and Google Play. If you are using a Windows Phone, the newest update is not yet available for your device, as this update is only coming to iOS and Android at this point in time.

In terms of the new features that Viber 5.6 offers iOS and Android users, the first thing you will notice is that there is a Group Likes feature, which enables the users to like the messages that the other members in your group have sent. This is a huge update and feature because it allows users to know who likes your vibe and who didn’t like your vibe, and it makes knowing who did and didn’t like the vibe much easier.

Obviously, version 5.6 also is fixing a few bugs that have been left from previous versions of the application. There are some patches that will fix some of the common issues that users had complained about, such as it stopping or not responding, which helps it run more smoothly overall now. The actual upgrades and new features are there to enhance and improve performance and overall functionality of the application.

You will also notice that version 5.6 of Viber comes with a new way to share content with your friends, and it is much easier to share the content now. You can now forward a message which is a Public Chat message to another users using the free calling part. The Public Chat part of Viber had only previously been offered on the smartphone version of the application, but now it can be used on tablets as well.

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Another update to Viber is that you can now write freely, because there is now a 7.000 character limit per message, which means that you literally can write as long of a message as you want to without worrying about being cut off. There is also some new additions to the video messaging feature, although these new changes have not been explained in detail yet.

Remember, you need Android 4.0 and above in order to use Viber, and if you are using iOS, then you need to have iOS 7 or later in order to download and use Viber on your device.