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    Video Games and Their Real-Life Alternatives

    Oct 10, 2017
    Source: Pixabay

    For many people, gaming is a way of life, and that’s a good thing. Not only does it keep a lot of us out of trouble, but it makes you smarter. A study recently found that video gaming can actually stimulate the growth of new neurons in the brain and help boost memory. We always knew that tackling an RPG game like World of Warcraft takes a lot of intelligence, but now we have the scientific proof to back it up.

    Seriously can gaming get any better?

    But just suppose there was no internet, and somehow all our hard drives were wiped out and our consoles were out of commission. What would we do then? How could we manage without our daily fix of first-person shooter action? Is there a way that we can still enjoy Mario Kart in real life?

    For the popular sports games like NBA 2K17, it’s easy. Grab a ball, look for a hoop, and you’re back in career mode playing the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs. If your imagination just can’t get there, then you may have to call a few friends to make it a little more realistic, but you get the picture, it’s easy to recreate the NBA buzz.

    The same goes for FIFA 17. Head down to the nearest park with a ball and a Real Madrid Jersey and you’re in training for the Champions League final. Call up the guys, and you can have the real deal: mud, bruised ankles, and all that goes with it.

    Then you have the sit-down sports like poker that require nothing more than a table a few chairs and a deck of cards. And while setting up your own game at home is relatively simple, why go for simple when you can go big. Break out the beers and snacks and make a night of it.

    But what about the likes of Mario Kart? Well, that too is an easy one if you can afford the airfare to Tokyo. There is now Mario Kart street legal tours that go through the city, and you even get to dress up as your favorite character. We’re not sure this is a good idea, though, as pretty much everyone is going to completely ignore all traffic as they race to get over anything that looks like a boost pad.

    Now you might think we’re moving into more difficult territory as we look for ways to recreate the thrill of first-person shooters such as Counter-Strike and Call of Duty without hurting anyone, but you’d be wrong. There are several perfectly legal and relatively safe ways to get into the sniper mindset, but the best (and most realistic) of all is, of course, paintball. Try a paintball club that has some abandoned buildings, and throw in some walkie-talkies for good measure, and you’re good to go. If your budget won’t stretch that far or if you only have that one friend who shares the passion for COD, then nerf guns around the garden are a cheaper (and almost as much fun) alternative.

    Minecraft, in theory, should be an easy one, but getting your hands on that many cardboard boxes, or anything else block-like could take far too much time. Now if you happen to be related to the owner of a box manufacturing plant then you’re in luck because not only do you have the materials, but you also have a nice big space to start creating. Get some friends involved and maybe you can even dream up some adventures. This would take a lot of effort though, both in terms of set-up and gameplay so even with the keys the factory, it’s probably never going to happen.

    While Minecraft is one of those harmless games that anyone can play, Grand Theft Auto is something of an entirely different ilk. We’re not quite sure how you could recreate anything in this franchise without running afoul of the law and ending up in prison as everything in the game is pretty much an illegal activity. Unless you and your friends act out all the parts and fake all the less-than-legal dealings, you’re not going to get a real-life alternative to this one.

    We’ll go back to an easy one for the moment with Pong. You’ve probably got an old table tennis bat and ball lying around the place or maybe there’s even a proper table down in your parents’ basement. Set yourself up against the wall or coerce your neighbor into engaging in a crushing round. Whatever way you want to play it, this is a ridiculously easy one to recreate.

    There are tons of RPG games out there, and none are easy to recreate in real life, so we’re going with the Nintendo classic Zelda, and we choose this for no other reason than it’s brilliant. Anyone who has ever touched any generation of Nintendo console has probably played an installment of this series to the end. And they will also know that within the game there’s an interminable need for walking around and doubling back to read signs then doubling back again to try different paths.

    This sounds pretty much like your average afternoon of orienteering to us. Try finding a club that runs events through woods and forests with wild boars and you’ve got yourself some bad guys thrown into the mix. Unfortunately, there’s not much of a chance of finding rupees under plants, so this recreation will lack a certain amount of authenticity. Still, if you wear a Robin Hood costume, it just might work for you.

    Fans who love the idea of a zombie apocalypse and want to replicate Resident Evil and Red Dead Redemption are in luck. Open the door, and the world is your personal video game. If, however, the apocalypse turns out to be a false alarm, then you’re still in luck. There are quite a few real-life zombie experiences around the world, all of which promise you as much blood and gore as you can handle.

    These zombie experiences kits are real-life walk-throughs that take you and your friends out with equipment and light armor, train you up with the weapons, then let you loose into a run-down city full of brain-hungry zombies. The guns are pretty realistic in that they have muzzle flash and recoil, and they even use laser technology to let you know when you’ve made a kill shot. For us, this is hands down the best recreation of a video game possible as it pretty much puts you in a real-life situation that you would never have thought humanly possible.

    Like we said earlier, gaming is a way of life, but sometimes life can be just as much fun. So, the next time there’s a power outage or the internet takes a day off, take solace in the fact that once the headphones are off and you’re out of that chair, you’re not completely out of the game. Now, the truth is that we’ve only really scratched the surface here, so let us know in the comments below if you have any video game real-life alternatives that will put ours to shame.

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