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VideoPulse Tracks Video Consumption and Pays You Every Month

Sep 24, 2015

Are you someone who is looking for some extra income? There is an app for that, but you have to be willing to compromise your own privacy if you want to earn the money involved. We aren’t talking hundreds of dollars a month for your privacy to be invaded, we are talking about $11 a month max in exchange for this app to collect information on every video you watch from any website. As with all apps that offer you money, read the fine print before agreeing to ensure you know what you are really signing up for.


A new app which was just released by a data collection startup company is hoping you too will give up your privacy and let this app track and report every video you are watching on your mobile device, and you get $11 per month if you agree to be a part of this research. The startup company is Symphony Advanced Media, and the app is VideoPulse, and this app collects any and all video use through a listening program, which can hear and then track what you are watching on your device. According to Symphony, the company is trying to understand who watches what videos, and outside of traditional media platforms, it is hard to engage how consumers are watching videos and what videos are being watched the most. We have Nielson TV ratings for television, although that is debatable whether or not it is even accurate, but when it comes to mobile devices, there is not much out there that could track what consumers are watching or what demographics are watching specific content. The CEO of Symphony Advanced Media is Charles Buchwalter, and he said that this app hopes to bridge the gap between traditional media and non-traditional media, and this is the app that can measure non-traditional media ratings.

So far, there are already 15,000 users signed up for this app, and it has been tested by various media companies including A+E Networks, Warner Bros., and Viacom. Symphony says that VideoPulse is the most advanced measurement available to track audiences, and it can track consumption of online videos too. If you want to sign up, it is completely free, and you will need to answer basic questions in order to complete the profile, such as your name, age, income, and your gender. If you want to become a VideoPulse customer, you have to be approved before you begin the process, and there is a recruitment going on right now to try to get diversity among the participants. This means that you may not get into the group if the quota for your age, gender and race is filled, since the company is looking for many different demographics for this app. After you have been approved though, simply keep the app running in the background on your mobile device, but the caveat is that it must be running all of the time. Supposedly, the app does not record your normal everyday conversations, at least that is what the app creators are saying, and it is supposed to only pick up the broadcasting signals.

If you opt into the app, then you are paid anywhere between $5 and $11 each month for your participation, but know that literally everything you watch on your mobile device is being tracked. This means music, movies, and likely even the adult content you may be using your mobile device to watch. Other data is also being collected as well, such as your location and other possibly sensitive information that could end up causing problems if it gets into the wrong hands. The company alleges that the personally identifiable information is not being collected, and that the information is only being shared with the clients in order to separate people into demographic groups. Take that for what you will, but obviously, you have to opt in to be a part of this program, so if you are not someone who is willing to be giving up literally all of your information and have all of your video habits being watched and collected, then this is an app you should stay far away from,especially for the small monetary compensation you are given each month. You do have the ability to opt-out of this at any time, so if you feel uncomfortable you can just delete the app and the collection of your personal information will be no more.

The company said that the data being collected is providing a lot of useful information, including how millennials are not watching less television like previously thought, but instead are simply going through the non-traditional means. The company said millennials are watching just as much television as ever before, it is just not being counted using traditional measurements, since things like viewership after a week is not measured traditionally. So if you would like to be a part of research and especially if you are a millennial or younger person who watches a lot of television through non-traditional means, then you can sign up for this app. You should just be aware though, that you are really giving up a lot of personal information in exchange for a small monetary sum of money each month, and in this day and age, it is very easy for that information to get into the wrong hands even when the company vows that will not happen. However, if you are a college student or someone who wants to earn a few bucks for doing nothing except watching videos on your mobile device as usual, then this app might be just the thing you are looking for, although it does not say how payment is made, although it likely is through electronic payment. The details of payment are included within the rules and guidelines that are found in the app when you are accepted as a user of the VideoPulse app, just read the information carefully.