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Vine Successor Byte Officially Launches on iOS & Android

Jan 27, 2020

You may remember the short video app Vine, which was one of the most popular apps out there for younger people. When Vine was discontinued there was no real replacement or similar app out on the market. Well, if you’ve missed Vine then you’re in luck because a new app called Byte, which is a successor to Vine, has officially launched on iOS and Android. Byte is hoping to be the competition to TikTok, but with the same creativity and influence that Vine had for the short time that it was around.

Short-Form Video App Byte Now Out for iOS & Android

Byte is basically the successor to Vine and was developed by Vine co-creator Dom Hofmann. This app was previously in beta, so some of you might have had a chance to try this app before. The app has been officially launched on both iOS and Android after coming out of beta. It was definitely a surprise when Byte launched for everyone since no one was given a date of an actual release.

Byte has been something Hofmann has been working on for years, although it’s been an off-and-on development. Hofmann began developing Byte after he left Vine once it was acquired by Twitter. We haven’t heard about Byte in quite a while though, with the last update being in November 2018.

Over a year has passed and many people forgot about Byte or just assumed it wasn’t actually going to be a published app. Back in November 2018, Hofmann said Byte would be out in Spring 2019, but that never happened. The issue now though is that there is another app that has taken over the short-form video market, and this app is called TikTok.

Vine Successor Byte Looks to Compete with TikTok as Best Short-Form Video App

There is an interesting fact between Byte and TikTok, which is that the maker of TikTok is Bytedance. Bytedance is based in Beijing and it’s not a well-known name since most people only know of TikTok and not the company behind the short-form video app. TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular apps out for both iOS and Android and has basically taken the entire Vine market. This app is looking to be the biggest competition to TikTok, but that’s going to be a hard sell.

We think it’s going to be difficult to overtake the immense popularity of TikTok, especially since other apps like Snapchat and Instagram have seemed to get out of the teen-oriented video world. Both Snapchat and Instagram are now ad-friendly and are focused on real content, which leaves TikTok to be the teen-oriented app for short-form videos of any nature. We aren’t sure that Byte will be able to get close to TikTok in terms of popularity with the younger people.

Will You Try Byte to Replace or Compliment TikTok?

Byte is hoping to capture the creativity that Vine had, even though Vine was relatively short-lived compared to other popular social apps out there. We will see whether or not this app has what it takes to compete with TikTok or has the ability to become as popular as what Vine was before it was removed. Vine might not have been around very long overall, but it’s what really set the creative video market for young people and many memories have been created through this app.

We want to know what you think of this app and whether or not you will be using Byte as either a replacement for TikTok or a complimentary app for TikTok. Do you think that this app is going to blow up into a success or do you think it’s just going to fly under the radar?

Are you someone that enjoys these short-form video apps or do you think it’s primarily for younger people? If you tried out the beta version of Byte, we want to also know what you thought of it in the comments below. Do you recommend this app for young people or for those who want a similar app to Vine? What did you like and dislike when you tried out the app and how does it compare to Vine?