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Virtual Reality Girls Removed from Steam

Nov 30, 2017

A new game from ErosVR called Virtual Reality Girls has been removed from Steam only days after it was released. The game was released on November 25, and by November 28, the game was removed. The removal of Virtual Reality Girls seems to be due to the fact that it contained private dancing that was uncensored. Valve has been cracking down on Steam games that are full of nudity and other sexually-suggestive material. Virtual Reality Girls seems to be the latest game to fall victim to the new rules on Steam.

Virtual Reality Girls VR Game Pulled from Steam

It only took three days for Virtual Reality Girls to be pulled from Steam. That is definitely a pretty quick pull and one that appears to be related to the uncensored nudity and dancing in the game. The game was even low-priced at $11.99 for the first week, and it did not make it even all the way through the sale.

ErosVR claims that the game was wrongly removed and complained about how there is only dancing nude girls in the game. You can choose to put an outfit on the girl or let her dance nude, but there was nothing else going on in the game at all. In fact, the game itself was nothing much at all because there were only three girls in the game. There were only three locations you could go to in the game as well.

Beyond that, a few erotic dances were in Virtual Reality Girls, but that was essentially the entire game. Just sitting there watching girls dance, either with cloths on or without. It made a great game that you could play with just one controller or hand. The launch trailer was rated NSFW, which is not safe for work, even though everything in the trailer was censored. As for the actual Virtual Reality Girls game, nothing was censored. There was no real playing in the game as you just used the controller to allow you to rotate the dancing girl or stop the animations.

Virtual Reality Girls Likely Removed Due to Complaints

The most likely reason that Virtual Reality Girls was removed from Steam is that there were complaints about the game. Mostly because the game was uncensored and there was obvious nudity and things going on. Some people were equating this game to VR porn, although that is taking the uncensored dancing girl animations a little far.

Nonetheless, some people felt that this bordered on the pornography spectrum and were not happy it was freely available in the main Steam Store. A lot of people on Steam want there to be a dedicated section for games like this, which are more adult and pornographic in nature. Of course, Steam is trying to be a family-friendly gaming option so the company is not likely to add any pornographic section.

Virtual Reality Girls is not the only game that has had complaints lately either. House Party and Strangers in a Strange Land both had multiple complaints stemming from the pornographic animations in the game. People began saying that Valve was allowing pornography to be easily sold to children through the Steam Store and these types of games. A lot of games had to make alterations, including removing the link for the patch to download the uncensored game.

Now, no uncensored modifications or patches are allowed on Steam. You have to go through the website of the developers to download these patches now, which some people say still is wrong. For now, it appears any games with nudity or graphic content is going to be pulled from Steam. Tell us in the comments what you think about Virtual Reality Girls and other games that have nudity so easily accessible in them.