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Visual Redesign for Google Assistant Rolling Out Now on Android

Apr 10, 2019

Google Assistant is rolling out a new update on Android that’s making news this week. The update features a visual redesign when asking Assistant a question. While we don’t have information on if or when this visual redesign will roll out to iOS, we suspect it will happen sooner than later. Usually Google will roll out an update for Android before any iOS update is released.

If you have an Android device, you should notice the changes to Google Assistant this week. Some people have already reported seeing the changes, while others are still unable to view the new visual redesign. We wanted to tell you about the changes and what this visual redesign is going to bring in terms of search improvement.

Google Assistant Visual Redesign Adds Advertisements in Some Search Results

You will notice the new visual redesign when you ask Assistant a question. There is going to be more than just web links now, which is part of the new interactive elements. When you ask a question, you will see more interactive and more detailed information cards.

One other thing you will notice about the changes is that you will now see advertisements when you search. It depends on what you’re searching for, so not all of the searches will have advertisements included in the results.

These new advertisements are going to be just like the ones that you see through a regular Google search. In an announcement, Google talked a little bit about the new advertisements that might pop up when you search with Google Assistant now.

New search results could include these advertisements that you would normally see using Search. It only happens on certain types of searches, such as if you are looking for a nearby hotel or restaurant. Advertisements will show up for booking sites and other similar products or services that might be useful to you.

Google Assistant Visual Redesign Changes Brings More Interactive Elements

You will notice even more changes when you go to search that are included in this update. If you search for a local event, you will now see a lot more visual and interactive cards as part of that search. There will be visuals associated with that local event showing up on cards. You will also see bookmark buttons that create a new interactive element. An example of the change is if you are searching for cats. You will now see pictures for the cutest breeds up top and then the rankings will be below that.

There are other changes you will notice when it comes to the search function as well and one of those changes is with the stocks. If you are searching stocks you will actually see a performance graph for that stock. Other additions include color pickers, financial calculators, and a bubble level. If you are just searching for basic items, you will notice a vertical format for the web links and it’s better for your smartphone in terms of layout and graphics.

Google Assistant Visual Redesign Changes Were Tested Two Months Ago

We know that Google has been testing out some changes to Assistant for a couple months now. There were reports back in February about sponsored results showing up in searches. Google didn’t really confirm anything back then, but said testing is always going on.

Most of the testing happens with hopes to improve the overall user experience while on a smartphone. The company then went onto say that no specific announcement was being made at that time, although we now know this is what was going on. It’s subjective at this point in terms of whether or not these sponsored results and the visual redesign really enhance the experience on mobile.

We want to hear from you on whether or not you think that the visual redesign changes are a good thing for Google Assistant. Do you currently use Google Assistant to perform searches or are you someone who manually still likes to search for items? Is the visual redesign something that will improve the experience on mobile as Google claims?

Do you think sponsored advertisements are a good thing or do you think it hinders actual searches? Are the new interactive visual elements good for the search results or do you dislike the new changes? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think about the visual redesign on Google Assistant.