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Vivo V3Max Review

May 10, 2016

Vivo V3Max Review: In the world, now the number five smartphone vendor and the growth of Vivo’s has been nothing short of tremendous. The Chinese smartphone maker has come a long way since setting up the shop in 2009 and in India it has used its relatively premium positioning to develop the good reputation for itself.Vivo V3Max Accessories

Vivo V3Max Review

The Vivo’s newest launches are the V3Max and V3 which are priced at Rs. 23,980 and Rs. 17,980 respectively. While the former is simpler, more cost-effective phone and the latter offers a bit more in terms of specifications and performance. Today, we are reviewing the vivo V3Max.Vivo V3Max Box


– By any means the Vivo V3Max is not a small phone.

– It has a 5.5 inch screen and it weighs in at a chunky of 168g, this phone is not for those who want easy handle smartphone as this is a proper phablet.

– Although it is fairly of the slim size and the V3Max definitely has the sense of bulkiness.

– With a dull finish at the back and along the sides the body is almost entirely metal.

– On the front there has small Vivo logo, front camera and the proximity sensor.

– The capacitive Android keys at the bottomVivo V3Max USB Slot and Speakers

– The power and volume buttons are at the right side.

– The Hybrid SIM tray is at the left and the primary SIM slots accepts a Micro-SIM

– The top has 3.5mm socket and on the bottom there is microphone, speaker and Micro-USB port.

– At the back of the phone there is Vivo logo, camera and flash and fingerprint sensor.

– With a density of 401ppi the screen of the phone is a full-HD display.

– The colour tone is completely neutralVivo V3Max SIM Slot


– The Vivo V3Max smartphone is powered by octa-core Qualcomm snapdragon 652 SoC which is clocked at 1.8 GHz

– It has RAM of 4GB

– Along with the internal storage of 32 GB

– It has battery of 3000mAh

– It support for USB OTG with an adapter

– It supports Bluetooth connectivity with A2DP and 4G on both the SIMsVivo V3Max Software

– It uses the dual-engine charging and that uses two controllers chips and the circuits to charge the battery faster

– This smartphone runs on Android 5.1

– In a typical fashion Widgets are usable at the home screens


The Vivo V3Max has a primary camera of 13-megapixel with the single tone LED flash, along with various video and photo modes with including the popular options such as slow motion, HDR and Panorama.Vivo V3Max Captured Pic 2 Vivo V3Max Captured Pic 1

Most of the important controls are within the easy reach and there is no settings menu. To give a bit more control over the photography there is also a full-fledged manual mode. Pictures taken with Vivo V3Max are fairly bright and sharp, but colour feel a bit dull and less exciting. The levels of detail in the pictures are excellent.

The camera does have some trouble in capturing the moving objects, which tend to blur more. Images in the low light tend to lose the vibrancy in colour. Videos are decent and capture plenty of detail and maintains a good sense of fluidity and motion.Vivo V3Max Earphone Slot


– With the heaviest task the phone works well

– The graphical capabilities of the smartphone are no doubt helped along the capable processor

– The excellent Adreno 510 GPU under the hood

– In our video loop test the phone ran for 11 hours and 36 minutes

– But the heavy usage is usually not the huge cause for concern

– While playing and charging the phone does tend to heat up

– Connectivity with Wi-Fi and 4G is goodVivo V3Max Camera

As Vivo has always touted its phones as the hi-fi and the audio centric, so the output through the phone’s single speaker is loud, but it tends to sound flat and narrow with music. While using the headphones the performance improves.

The sonic signature is also open, neutral and clean by allowing for the excellent imaging and by letting the headphone’s sonic characteristics to take a center-stage.Vivo V3Max Buttons


The Vivo V3Max is the perfectly capable of the mid-range smartphone that do checks all the boxes. It is built well and it has a quick and accurate fingerprint sensor and a good screen. Battery life is also good, apart from the photos that are lacking a bit colour vibrancy, otherwise the phone is good in all the ways. But our biggest complaint is the price.

So if you are looking for an Android smartphone that feels a bit like the iOS or if you want an excellent audio and good overall performance with a good build quality then, Vivo V3Max may well be worth considering.

  • Badal Verma

    No doubt V3 Max is an amazing phone, my brother has one but, V3, which is a lighter version of V3 Max, is also a good phone. I bought it on the first day it was launched in India. The phone only lacks the 4GB RAM and the screen size of V3 Max. Other than that it works the same as its successor. I am a game addict and this phone totally serves my needs. Music listening is pleasing as the phone supports Hi-fi music capabilities. Would recommend to all looking for a new smartphone.

    • You are right, great device for sure and thanks for visiting.