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Voice Controls Now Available on Amazon Alexa for iOS

Jul 1, 2018

Voice controls have finally come to the Amazon Alexa app for iOS, which is great news for those who use that app. This is a pretty notable addition to the Amazon Alexa iOS app, and it is great because more and more people are using smart home devices and accessories. For those of you who are unaware, Amazon Alexa is the Amazon digital assistant that is similar to the Apple Siri assistant. If you currently use Amazon Alexa, read on to learn more about the changes in the new iOS app update.

Voice Controls Added in Latest Amazon Alexa iOS App Update

If you are using the Amazon Alexa app on iOS, you definitely want to download the newest update that released this week. In the latest update, a notable addition to the app was added, which were voice controls. It is about time that voice controls finally make it onto the Amazon Alexa iOS app, because it has been on Android for a while now. Amazon did promise earlier this year that the voice controls would be coming to iOS, and people were waiting for this to happen ever since.

You will now have the complete voice controls on the Alexa iOS app, which brings Alexa to even more people than ever before. Amazon wants Alexa to be the digital assistant everyone goes to, but on iOS that is definitely a little harder to accomplish. With iOS, you cannot just say “Alexa” as the go-to in order to begin the Amazon Alexa digital assistant. You will still need to head to the Amazon Alexa app before you can begin using the voice controls while on your iOS device.

Voice Controls Now Part of Amazon Alexa iOS App & It Makes Life Easier

Even though you still have to open up the Amazon Alexa app before you can use the voice controls, it is still going to make things much easier for people. We always knew that Amazon would not be able to get around the various rules Apple has in place in regards to Alexa. Since Apple has Siri, no way would the company allow Alexa to directly compete with Siri on iOS devices. The workaround to direct competition is that you have to open the Alexa app first, therefore there is no way to just use Alexa like you would Siri.

The really cool thing is that you can use the voice controls to do everything you need, such as control various smart home accessories that you own. You also can use Amazon Alexa to ask questions, just as you normally would. It can mostly replaces Siri, as long as you are willing to open up the app to begin using it. Question and answer is also possible with the Amazon Alexa voice controls, and you can do things like control the playback of music and much more. Weather, music, movies, calendar, sports, and any other queries you have can also now be accessed with the voice controls.

Amazon Alexa iOS App with Voice Controls & More Available Now on App Store

You can get the new Amazon Alexa app for iOS on Apple’s App Store right now. The app is free to download and it will work with most compatible iOS devices, including the iPad and iPhone. You will be able to use the Amazon Alexa app with most smart home accessories too, which is really cool. The app is completely free to download, which makes it a great digital assistant at no cost to you.

Once you have tried out the new Amazon Alexa app update for iOS, we want to hear from you. Do you like all of the voice controls that you now have access to on iOS? Would the digital assistant be better if you just could say the “Alexa” trigger word as opposed to having to open up the app first? Are you someone who uses the digital assistants often, such as Siri or Alexa? Do you like the voice controls that you can use with these digital assistants? We want to know what you think about Amazon Alexa overall, and whether you think this app is as good as the native Siri on iOS.

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