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    VPN for Mobile and Tablet- Did you know such a thing existed?

    May 23, 2017

    So by now, we are all familiar with what a VPN is- in fact anywhere between 21%-41% of the population are using a VPN service at any given moment. Commonplace on smart television, work laptops, and hope PC’s a VPN has become a normal part of accessing media, sharing and accessing information, and ensuring privacy whilst browsing. But did you know that you can get VPNs for your mobile and tablet? Whether you are interested in unblocking extratorrents or catching up with EastEnders whilst on holiday in America, there is an app for you!

    In America, they have recently introduced legislation that allows ISPs to sell your personal browsing data without your permission. This includes web searches, sites visited, and even information sent. The best way to circumvent this awful invasion of privacy is through the use of a VPN when using the internet. China is another country that has really cracked down on what its citizens can access when they are online, they have even gone as far as to try to block VPN services themselves! Other reasons for using a VPN include if you use public WIFI regularly, it offers you more protection, it can also give you access to region specific streaming platforms even if you are in a different country, and it also stops your ISP from throttling your internet connection- something that is becoming increasingly common. Most importantly, it allows you to completely protect your data, personal information, and sensitive documents as well as your location.

    Whilst all of this makes perfect sense for a PC or laptop, many don’t realize that your phones and mobile devices are at risk as well. We keep a lot of personal information on our phones and some even use them more frequently than a standard computer, so we should make sure that we are protected from snoopers at all times.

    Any VPN app that is worth its salt will charge you a small monthly fee to use it. Be wary of those that are free of charge because you have to think how they can afford to do so? Some will sell your information to third parties whilst claiming to be completely private, so be aware before you download one.

    Some of the most popular apps work on both iOS and Android, and allow you browse servers via a map or a country list, and offer as much as 600 servers in over 50 countries. You can also connect up to six or seven devices to one account so that can include your pc, laptop, TV, mobile, and tablet if necessary. As far as price ranges go, you should look to pay anything between $5-$20 a month, depending on your needs and the service provider.

    If you are using your tablet or mobile phone for browsing, downloading, searching, or using public WiFI networks then it is well worth considering investing in a VPN to protect your privacy and security. For a few dollars a month, you can browse securely knowing that your data is not being intercepted, or passed on to third parties for a price, without your consent.

    • Kaitlyn Nelson

      I would say that staying protected online with vpn on smartphones is equally important as on desktops. For me maybe even more important, because I am using my phone more than laptop. So would definitely suggest vpn for every device that’s used for surfing, there are pretty good vpn services, like traceless vpn, that supports secure vpn connection on every device.