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VR Shooter Compound Hits Steam Early Access

May 18, 2018

If you are someone looking for a new virtual reality Steam game to get into, you might want to check out Compound. Compound is the latest game to hit Steam Early Access and it is a very lite first-person-shooter game that takes on the feel of some of the classic games. Compound was developed by NotDead Games, which is an indie developer. This game was just released to Steam Early Access and we have all of the details, so read on to learn more.

FPS VR Game Compound Launches on Steam

The new game to hit Steam Early Access is called Compound, and this is a virtual reality game. Compound is a first-person-shooter game that is reminiscent of the classic games such as Wolfenstein and Doom, which were old first-person-shooter games. The developer behind Compound is NotDead Games, which is an indie developer that has been working on the concept of this game for a couple years. The mechanics in Compound are not that retro, meaning that this game uses a map, hand-held guns, and even ragdoll physics.

The retro-style of Compound comes in the look of the game overall, and it is also a free-roaming shooter game. This game does support both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, which is good news for many virtual reality fans on Steam. There was even a demo that was playable of Compound, which showed up a while back on Itch.io. You can still head to the site and watch the playable demo that was released by NotDead Games. If you are wondering more about the game, we also have a few more details about the Steam Early Access release we wanted to share with you.

Compound Hits Steam Early Access with Tons of Features

If you head over to the Steam page for Compound, you will see more information about the game. This includes information such as the main objective of the rogue-lite first-person-shooter. The main goal is to basically take back all of the stuff that belongs to the people which were taken by The Corporation. You must also get through all of the enemies of the world in order to complete the objective.

When it comes to the features you get with Compound on Steam Early Access, there are quite a few. First, the game will cost you $20, which is not a bad deal given how much you get with this game on Steam. There are three different map types with six maps overall, and three different difficulty settings. You will get five different enemy types, along with four weapons, a training range and a headquarters. Beyond that, you will also get free teleportation, locomotion, and even snap-turning. If you have the 180-degree setup for sensors, this is where the snap-turning will come in handy.

More About Compound Developer NotDead Games

NotDead Games is run by one person, which is Bevan McKechnie, and he made a Trello board for the community. This Trello board will allow the Steam players to see which features are coming next to Compound. Another useful aspect to the Trello board is that you will be able to see which bugs are being worked out and which ones are still to be addressed by this sole developer.

Speaking of the lone developer, he wants you to find the game becomes harder as you go through it. The game was setup that way so that you would be having a different experience each time you played through Compound. He said the re-playability of the game is really good and hopes that other people also feel the same way.

We want to hear from you on whether or not you think Compound is going to be a good lite first-person-shooter game on Steam. Are you planning on getting this game while it is still in Steam Early Access? We do not know right now how long the game will be in Early Access, but most games are there for about six-months or 12-months before being officially released. Since NotDead Games is a one-person show, it could take this game a little longer to get out of Steam Early Access. Tell us in the comments below if you have enjoyed this game once you have checked it out on Steam.